can running cause uti?
i have recently started a training for running it takes 9 weeks to build upto 5k ,i am on my 3rd week when i didnt feel well thought it was the flu,usuall symptoms,except i shivered and shook for half hour called overnight doctor ,but in the morning got up to make tea and toast didnt want it came over dripping with sweat next thing i knew my bulldog lilly was licking my face i had passed out,called my mother,she called the doctor and i was told after a sample it was a uti ,i work in a nursing home and ive never seen any residents like i felt with there uti,im 54 , and have had infections before i am insulin diabetic,i really want to keep running,thankyou for any advice,as the doctor said there was some white cells showing in the test.
Posted 3 years ago in Other by ShadowLeacher


Running doesn't cause uti, perhaps the stress of exercise may have weakened your immune system but running doesn't cause infections. As you said you have had infections before, this just seems to be another one. I'd run but less distance or at a slower pace as you are fighting an infection.
Congratulations on training for a 5K! It's always good to be physically fit. What you didnt mention is how your sugars have been running during your training. Do you take insulin; are you Type 1 or Type 2? Sweating ususally means your blood sugar is too low. Perhaps you arent hydrating yourself enough during your training. Water is best. You need to test your sugars, log them and make sure your nutrition is appropriate to your insulin dose.

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