How do you tell your husband he's getting too fat?
My husband is steadily picking up weight and i'm getting worried about it. He's diabetic and doesn't really eat healthy. When i was preggers with our daughter, i picked up 25kg (i've always been on the slim side), but after delivery i worked hard a the gym to lose all the weight. I tried to talk my dh into joining the gym which he did, but he seldom goes. I mean, if i with a baby, and working full time (with no nanny or help) could work hard at losing the weight, why is he not making more effort. He also gets angry when other people comment on his weight gain. What can i do to make him see my point especially with his health issues??I started buying healthy options for food at home but he won't eat them he'll rather go get the not-so-healthy options!
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The issue here is not his looks, it's his health. Don't tell him he's too fat, tell him he's too SICK!
Tell him you love him and don't want him to die of a diabetic comma. Tell him you and the kids should take a walk after dinner every night to help his diabeties. Be supporative by buying only healthy foods in the house. Make him meals that you all eat and he can too. This should help him and he'll lose weight too. Find things for all of you to do that he won't think it's exercising, like bowling, golfing, hiking, walking around the mall even. Good luck!
He already knows and saying it will only hurt him and/or cause him to be angry with you. Weight gain is usually due to stress or unresolved issues. What's bothering him? What is making him unhappy?
Its funny. If you were a guy on here saying this about his wife the women on here would be CRUCIFYING you.But I am with you. I cannot stand it when a person gets married and lets themselves go,hiding behind the BS line "if he/she really loves me,then he/she will love me for who I am"That line is just an excuse to be lazy and eat poorly.SOME extra weight over the years is to be expected,but when people gain 35 pounds or more its too much.State your position CLEARLY. Inform him that although you will ALWAYS love him,you are getting less and less attracted to him physically.
Continue to keep no junk food in the house, and prepare only healthy meals (an occasional 'treat' is okay)...encourage him to workout with you or go walking with you...if he refuses to eat better or exercise at all, then just be straight up that you love him, but his physical appearance is becoming a turn off not only from a romantic aspect but from the aspect of you fearing for his health down the road as well...Fat isn't pretty (I've been obese, I know first hand) and it isn't healthy...while I might love my partner dearly even if they gained a ton of weight, intimacy would suffer drastically...I've simply no desire to have sex with someone who physically turns me off, and flab/fat has that effect...a few extra pounds is no big deal, being out right fat or obese is a sexual deal breaker for me...I can't get aroused by fat...
Tell him if he is daft enough not to listen to you, you are not going to be daft enough to stick around to nurse him in his deteriorating health. Doesn't he want to live to see any grandchildren?
When my wife and I was married 11yrs ago, I weighed 180lbs, I was really in great shape, but after some years, I got up to 250lbs. My loving wife never said a word to me, but one day she wanted to replace our closet doors with mirrored doors. In our bedroom we have the his & hers closets (on the same wall) with the folding doors, so after I replaced them with the mirrored doors, the entire wall was like one big mirror. During sex, I looked over at the "mirrored wall" and I was shocked, I looked like damn Ron Jeremy, and that was all I needed. I'm now back at 180lbs.I agree with "AVP rocks" if this was a man saying his wife is fat, you women would be ripping him a new one. What a double standard.
You need to sit down and have a discussion with him about the health issues that could come from his weight gain. Let him know you're bringing it up as a concerned that wants to spend much longer with him.If that doesn't work, don't give him the option to go get the not-so-healthy options. Tell him it hurts your feelings that he won't eat what you cook..whatever it takes for him to eat with you at home! Also, there are ways to spruce up your favorite meals and make them healthier without really changing the taste. Slowly work healthier stuff into your diets. For instance, with can change the pasta to whole grain (trust me, you can't taste the difference!) and either choose a healthier sauce, or make your own. If you enjoy garlic bread with it, use whole grain bread and a low fat butter substitute. Little things like that will make a huge difference and your husband probably won't even know that you've changed it! Gradually add healthier foods, and before you know it you'll both be eating better!As for the gym, make it fun! Try going and playing basketball or racquetball together. Doing fun activities versus running on the treadmill will increase the desire to be more active. I hope this helps!
My father helped my mom lose her weight by asking her to work out with him, and them both eating "healthy" together. My mom also has diabetes and my dad never once said anything about her weight, just that he wanted her to be healthy. Today they are both healthier and my mom has lost over 20 pounds! Everyone is different in terms of motivation, and maybe your husband just needs help being motivated and gaining the confidence to start a healthier life style. And remember to just be supportive!
i have had plenty of tearful conversation with my fiance. And it look like the more I cried the more he ate. We joined the gym together and we both basically stopped going. Now he is losing weight and making better choices. He called me last night and said you want to go for a walk in the a park. I was like YES! We walked and he said we will walk again tonight. Sometimes you just got to stop applying pressure he will lose the weight when he gets ready hopefully it won't be too late. Me and my fiance don't live together but if you are the sole cook of the house. Prepare him healthy flavorful low calorie meals that he can eat in abundance.

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