White Rice Could Up Diabetes Risk

White Rice May Up Diabetes Risk


The so-called "Don't Eat Anything White" diet just got another nod from the scientific community. A Harvard study done by Qi Sun, PhD and colleagues and published in the British Medical Journal found that participants who consumed the most white rice were more likely to get type 2 diabetes than were those who ate the lowest amounts. The association was highest for Asians.

The researchers wrote that "although rice has been a staple food in Asian populations for thousands of years," a noted transition to more sedentary lifestyles and greater availability of food "may render Asian populations more susceptible to the adverse effects of high intakes of white rice, as well as other sources of refined carbohydrates, such as pastries, white bread, and sugar sweetened beverages."

According to MedPageToday, Sun and colleagues reported that the association appeared to be more pronounced in women than in men. They cautioned, however, that the meta-analysis was limited by the observational nature of the included studies and by their reliance on food frequency questionnaires to assess dietary intake. Yet they concluded that "even for Western populations with typically low intake levels, relatively high white rice consumption may still modestly increase risk of diabetes."



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