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Having trouble moving on? Want to hear stories from women going through the same experience? Need legal advice? Or just want the latest in celeb split-ups? Heres a comprehensive guide to divorce.

Divorce Process

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Divorce Lawyer: How to Find, Retain, & Manage a Lawyer Many people entering a divorce are under the false assumption that their divorce lawyer is the leader in dissolving their marriage. In reality, you must be the head manager of your divorce, while your lawyer is a key member of your support team. It is very important that you use knowledge, research and a good dose of common sense in choosing...Read more

Divorce & Children

Helping Kids Through Your Divorce What has the potential to make divorce even more stressful and ugly than usual? Kids. It's critical to realize that these younger, powerless individuals are actually active participants in a divorce. That in mind, take a look at the following tips to help parting parents focus on their children's well being during this difficult process. 1. Keep th...Read more

Dealing with Divorce

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Coping With Divorce & Infidelity For Women Most divorces involve some drama. Divorce as a result of infidelity is traumatic. But Vikki Stark, a family therapist for 27 years, has identified an extra-traumatic type of divorce, which she calls Wife Abandonment Syndrome (WAS). According to Stark, Wife Abandonment Syndrome is a pattern of behavior on the part of a husband who leaves his wife ou...Read more

Moving On After Divorce

How to Get On with Your Life after Divorce When a marriage ends, some sort of relationship with your ex-spouse still remains. Maybe you have children that you still need to raise together. Maybe you have mutual friends or similar social circles. Or maybe you still remain friends after the formal partnership has ended. Whatever the circumstances, here are some tips to consider when dealing w...Read more

Your Ex

When Your Ex Gets Remarried You thought your marriage would last forever. It didn't. Even then, you couldn't imagine that your former partner would marry again. Now he has. Whether it's dealing with children or mutual friends, there may be times when you and the new wife are in the same close quarters. Whether your initial reaction to the new woman is affection, ambivalence, ...Read more
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