25 Best and Worst Boomer Moments of 2010

  • Diane Sleeps in, George Gets Up Early

    No more Good Morning America for Diane. This past January, Diane Sawyer, 65, took the role of anchor on ABCs World News, replacing Charles Gibson. George Stephanopoulos, 49, takes her seat.

  • Scott Brown Wins Kennedys Seat

    Defeating Martha Coakley, 51 year-old Republican Brown takes Democrat Ted Kennedys Senate Seat after his death.

  • Kathryn Bigelow Wins Oscar

    The 59 year-old former Mrs. James Cameron beat her ex at his own game when she became the first-ever woman to win the Oscar for Best Director for her film, The Hurt Locker.

  • Jeff Bridges Wins the Oscar

    The 61 year-old The Big Lebowski actor nabs his first Oscar for Best Actor for his role in Crazy Heart.

  • Conans Up, Down, Then Up

    This year was filled with ups and downs for Conan OBrien, 47. First, he got a show, then he lost a show. Now he has a show again!

  • Melinda and Bill Ask for Money

    Uber-billionaires, 55 year-old Bill and 46 year-old Melinda Gates, along with their friend Warren Buffett ask the super-rich (starting with Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans) to literally pledge at least 50% of their net worth to charity during their lifetimes or at death.

  • Tony Hayward Wants His Life Back

    He went from BP CEO to the The Man Behind the Oil Spill (That Wouldnt Stop) overnight. To top off bad year, Hayward, 53, stepped down as head of the oil company in October. Dont feel bad, though hell get an annual pension of $930,000 for many years to come.

  • Aung San Suu Kyi is Released

    The 65 year-old Burmese politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner is released in November after being under house arrest for 15 years.

  • John Boehner Will Be Speaker of the House

    Bye-bye, Nancy Pelosi. 61 year-old Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner will assume office as Speaker of the House this January.

  • Mel Gibsons Bad Year

    It was not a good year for Mr. Gibson, 54. Extremely graphic audio tapes were released of Mel screaming, ranting and raving at Oskana Grigorieva, the mother of his 8 month old daughter. Yikes.

  • Steven Tyler Becomes American Idol Judge

    The 62 year-old Aerosmith frontman is foraying into a different music endeavorjudging American Idol.

  • Dr. Claudia Henschke Was Right All Along

    Previous research done by Dr. Henschke, 63, about a special type of CT scan that would help detect lung cancer in early smokers (that was originally dismissed) was proved to be true in October of this year.

  • Elizabeth Warren Gets Appointed

    Hand-picked by Obama to oversee the development of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Warren, 61, is serving as Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Its no wonder Time magazine referred to her as a New Sheriff of Wall Street.

  • Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Stage Rallies

    Calling for a religious rebirth, controversial Fox News commentator Glen Beck , 46, organizes a rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in August. Then-Governor Sarah Palin is a speaker. An estimated 87,000 people show up.

    Months later, Jon Stewart, 48, and Stephen Colbert, 46, stage a Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" in Washington. An estimated 215,00 people attend.

  • General Petraeus Replaces McChrystal President Obama replaces his loose-lipped Afghanistan Commander, General McChrystal, 56, with the familiar, admired and tightly disciplined Genearl David Petraeus, 58.
  • Mario Testino Shoots Kate and Wills Famed photographer, Mario Testino, 56who famously shot Princess Ditook royal couple Prince William and Kate Middletons engagement photos. Will he shoot their wedding?
  • Julie Taymor Directs Most Expensive Musical Ever Famed director Julie Taymor, 57, requires a whopping $65 million for her big stage production, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. The reviews, after critics saw a sneak preview, are that it is a visually stunning with major story issues and lackluster music, but still shows potential. Eek.
  • Tina Brown Edits The News Beast (Daily Beast and Newsweek) In an all-but-final Newsweek-Daily Beast merger, 57 year-old Tina Brown (editor of the Daily Beast) is named Editor-in-Chief of the joint venture and is back in print.
  • Oprahs Big Giveaway Audience members heads exploded this year at Oprahs Favorite Things episode when the 56 year-old talk show queen bestowed upon her guests Volkswagen Beetles and a trip to Australia.
  • Colin Firth: Actor of the Year After receiving critical acclaimand an Academy Award nominationColin Firth is back at it again. Same Oscar buzz, different movie. This time, Colins praise is for The Kings Speech.
  • Barak Obamas Shellacking President George W. Bush famously had his "thumping" in the midterms. Now President Obama, 49, had his "shellacking" the word he used to describe the Republican congressional wins in November.
  • Jennifer Grey Wins Dancing With the Stars At age 50, the Dirty Dancing star wins Dancing With the Stars with partner Derek Hough. She danced through a ruptured disc in her lower backand now is having surgery for it.