Five Great Irish Movies

  • In America

    A family illegally enters the United States in hopes that the father, Johnny, can become a successful actor. Instead of settling in an Irish-American enclave, the family gets an apartment in East Harlem and makes their waysometimes successfully, sometimes not--through their strange new world.

  • The Dead

    Yes, there is an Irish middle class, and its sadly and beautifully portrayed in this movie, based on the James Joyce novella. Amid lace antimacassars, piano recitals and Dublin townhouses, Anjelica Huston stars as a woman who cant quite leave her past behind her.

  • The Commitments

    Dublins dead-end-street boys and their female companions are getting together a band that focuses on classic American soul, and not on traditional Irish music. Riverdance isnt mentioned, but we just know theyd hate it.

  • Ryan's Daughter

    Director David Lean specialized in sweeping historical epics (Doctor Zhivago, A Passage to India). Here, he takes on the British presence in Ireland during World War I and the resultant hostility among villagers in a County Kerry town. Sarah Miles stars as a woman whose dreams are too big for her townand who ultimately gets punished for it.