We Read Them So You Dont Have To December Magazines

  • Redbook The Icky Side of Green Grocery BagsOf course you want to go greenwho doesnt? Did you know that your canvas totes carry loads of bacteria, though? YikesReusable bags are a must-have for eco-friendly shopping. Plastic winds up in the ocean and paper contributes to deforestation. But did you know that your totes can get pretty (make that really) gross if you dont watch out: Researchers at the University of Arizona found that more than half of the reusable grocery bags they tested were contaminated by fecal bacteria(!) and 17 percent were crawling with E. colitwo bugs that can cause severe stomach upset if ingested. (Store totes in a warm trunk and the germs multiply.)To combat thisgrossness, designate different bags for produce and meat (where most of the germs originate), and set aside specific totes for groceries only. Using the same bags for clothes or shoes can transfer more bacteria to your food. And throw your bags in the laundry once in a while. A hot cycle will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria.
  • Real Simple No-Cost Holiday ShippingForget Cyber Monday, were last-minute kind of gals! Heres a list of online merchants that offer free shipping on December 17.-amazon.com (orders $25 and more)-americaneagleoutfitters.com ($100 and more)-bloomingdales.com ($150 and more with store charge card; all orders $300 and more)-borders.com ($40 and more)-drugstore.com ($25 and more)-llbean.com (any amount!)-target.com ($50 and more)
  • Good Housekeeping Tiny TweaksA few small changes that can make a big difference.Blue Note: Switch from your standard liner hue to a sapphire or a plum. It brightens the whites of the eyes, which can yellow with age.Fringe Benefits: Cut bangs long enough that you can still sweep them to the side. Call them bargain-basement Botox.Gloss Over It: Dab some gloss on the center of an already-lipsticked mouth to make lips look poutier. Will do!