13 Best Fall Fruits and Vegetables

  • 1. Apples Visit your local farmers' market or take a trip to the apple farm for the freshest apples. They're perfect for snacking, baking, and more.

    By: Readers Digest
  • 2. Oranges From Florida to California, autumn is the best time to enjoy this citrus favorite.
  • 3. Grapes Fall’s harvest brings in a bounty of grapes in all varieties. Either as a snack or made into your favorite jam, now is the perfect time to bag a bunch.
  • 4. Pomegranates Filled with antioxidants,stock up on this wonder fruit during the fall. Try juicing them or snacking on them raw. They can also be thrown on top of salads.
  • 5. Broccoli Fill your cart with the year’s best tasting broccoli. Enjoy it in salads, casseroles, or as a side dish.
  • 6. Brussels Sprouts Enjoy these tasty green treats at their freshest. If you’re having trouble getting your family to eat them, try roasting them.
  • 7. Mushrooms Fall is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite mushrooms. Your local market will have the best variety of mushrooms at this time -- take the opportunity to try something new.
  • 8. Cauliflower Enjoy this delicious vegetable either raw or cooked -- you can even mash it for an alternative to mashed potatoes. Try purple varieties for an added treat.
  • 9. Spinach Take the opportunity to taste spinach at its very best. Filled with iron and fiber, you’ll be fueling your body with the perfect nutrients for the cold weather ahead.
  • 10. Cranberries Enjoy this tart, sweet berry from autumn to winter. Try making your own cranberry juice or impress your Thanksgiving guests with homemade cranberry sauce.
  • 11. Potatoes The humble spud is at its peak in fall. Talk to your grocer about new varieties, like purple potatoes, which are high in antioxidants.
  • 12. Sweet Potatoes and Yams Filled with Vitamin A and fiber, sweet potatoes are as delicious as they are nutritious. Stock up and use them in your favorite recipes, as sides, even on salads.
  • 13. Leeks Perfect for soups and salads, leeks are an excellent way to add mild onion flavor to your best autumn recipes.

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