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Mother and Son Eating Food
Why Mother's Day Makes Me Cry Happy Mother’s Day. Those words will be uttered thousands of times this weekend. Our children will show their appreciation to us and thank us for being such wonderful mothers, thanking us for loving them even when, at times, they weren’t so lovable.  Everyone, from family friends, to cashiers at the supermarket and even stranger...Read more


Memorial Day In St  Louis
A Memorial Day Salute To My Soldier Dad Not too long after John F. Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States, my family was sitting around the dinner table one night in Sioux City, Iowa, where I was born and raised.  Before dinner, we’d all seen a story on the local evening news about a soldier who had been awarded a medal for bravery.  I was thirteen at t...Read more

Caring For Parents

Caring for Parents: The Last Transition of Our First Family By Francine RussoIf you're a baby boomer dealing with elderly parents and someone asks you about your siblings, you're likely to roll your eyes, laugh bleakly or swear. Or maybe you'll just say: "Boy, do I have a story for you!" (Or if you're a lot younger, you may have a story about your mom and her siblings!)With apologies to Martha & The...Read more

Multigenerational Families

More Families Opt for Multigenerational Living Have you ever thought of home sharing? Not with a stranger, but with your parents, or in-laws, or grown children. If you're contemplating multigenerational living -- sharing a home with an adult family member -- you'll have lots of company. That living situation is increasingly popular, according to data and anecdotal evidence. Between 2000 and 200...Read more
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