6 Ways to Change Your Style After Weight Loss

  • Do Your Undergarments Fit?

    Check your drawers to make sure your underwear and bras fit. Weight loss affects your body all over, not just your stomach area.

    According to The News & Observer, Resnick says that "wearing the right bra helps you get in touch with your shape, so...a bra fitting is essential."

    Resnick adds: "It's amazing how much thinner someone can look when they are wearing the right bra, because you can see a waist you didn't know you had."

  • Get Waisted

    An emerging waistline is something worth showing off. A good way to show off your shape is to get a good belt that not only keeps your pants up as you continue to lose weight, but is also stylish. Clothes that accent your waist are good, too. "Wrap dresses are just fabulous," Resnick says. "They can shrink or grow with your body."

  • Alter It

    You don't need to toss out clothes just because they're too big. A trip to the tailor can fix that.

    "If your favorite pieces are of good quality, have a tailor alter them," Leser tells The News & Observer. "Well-fitting clothes will make any size look fabulous."

  • Adapt It You've transformed your body for the better -- perhaps you can also transform your clothes, too. Ladson suggests you can wear one clothing item many ways."For instance," Ladson says, "a cardigan can be worn like a sweater, buttoned up over a camisole or undershirt. If you lose more weight and the cardigan becomes too loose, unbutton it and wear it like a jacket over a button-down blouse or another sweater."
  • Splurge on Accessories Now that you've lost weight, why not show off your new body? Accessories are things you don't need to worry about when it comes to changing your style after weight loss.Ladson says: "A beautiful watch calls attention to slimmer wrists. Great earrings and necklaces draw attention to the face."