Pantyhose Makes A Comeback

Are You Ready For Pantyhose Again?

Depending on whether you like pantyhose or hate them, you can either thank or blame Kate Middleton.

It seems that Kate’s habit of wearing sheer, shiny pantyhose has made them suddenly chic again. According to USA Today,  other responsible parties include designer Marc Jacobs, who’s used them  on the runway, and Banana Republic, which is pushing the “Mad Men” look. And let’s face it, Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) wouldn’t be caught dead with bare legs.

Over the past few decades, pantyhose have gradually gone the way of the cotton slip and underarm dress shields.  But the newer models, USA Today reports, are sheerer and sexier than their 1970s counterparts.  Hose with seams are especially sexy.  The elastic waist is more comfortable, and the new pantyhose also shape the wearer.  (How this differs from the “control pantyhose” of yore isn’t quite clear, but OK.)

“Mad Men” costume designer Jane Bryant told the newspaper that the absence of pantyhose over the past few decades has made them seem  new to the Kate and Pippa generation. “They see it as an enhancement.”

So are you ready to throw out your spray-tan atomizers and head for the nearest department store?  Or are you keeping the bare-legs look? Or have you never given up pantyhose at all? Click here to go to our forum and share your opinion!

So what do you think Are You Ready to Pull Up Your Pantyhose? Join the discussion in our forums today.


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