The Makeup Mistakes You Have To Avoid

Makeup Mistakes Of 50-Plus Women

Women’s makep techniques have to evolve as they age. I learned this from my years in the movies and on soaps. The things that worked for you when you were young aren’t going to still work in your 50s and beyond. Wearing the little bow in our hair we wore at six looks silly at 50 as does the blue eyeshadow that is no longer in fashion.

 Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Picking the wrong color foundation. Work to find the right one and use special foundations for women over 50, for example ones made by and MAC.

Not Using powder. It gets in the wrinkles and makes you look older. I never use powder anymore. 

Not blending make-up. Be sure to blend from face to neck and to your ears. Otherwise you have a neck that’s a different color from your face. 

Not Using primer. Apply primer under foundation; it keeps your makeup on all day long. There is eyelid primer too. This is different from face primer. It’s wonderful not to have to worry about checking makeup all day.

Not blending the dark line between the breasts. Some women use makeup here to create décolletage, but it must be blended and not be too dark or it looks like you forgot to wash there.  

Not wearing mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow.  You want to draw attention to your eyes. Fake eyelashes work wonders at opening them up.  But don’t put on thick ones, just ones that look natural. Again, once they are on, you don’t have to think about what you look like. You just look great. Not covering up or treating age spots on hands. Use Trick + Treatment for Spots and Shadows by Lauren Hutton. This is great and really helps to diminish age spots.  Lauren Hutton does great things for women over 50. Not getting your nails and toes done and not getting your roots done on time is the worst.  You can’t see the white or gray coming in, but everybody else can.  It is better to go gray or white if you don’t want to keep up the rather tedious hair-dyeing process. Tina Sloan, author of "Changing Shoes: Getting Older - Not Old- with Style, Humor, and Grace," played the role of Nurse Lillian Raines on "Guiding Light," which aired its final episode in 2009 after a seventy-two-year run on radio and television. She is currently shooting two feature films and touring nationally in her acclaimed one-woman show, "Changing Shoes." She lives in New York with her husband, Steve McPherson.They have one son, Renny.  For more information please visit    
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