Get Celebrity Style

  • Now that award season is in full swing, we have plenty of opportunities to find fashion role models during one red-carpet parade after another. Yet the everyday looks the stars choose can be equally inspiring. Here are some of the secrets of our favorite style muses of a certain age – and beyond!

    Helen Mirren

    There is nothing like this Dame! The British superstar carries off any look from casual walkabout to elegant award ceremony attire with unmistakable flair. We have to mention, though, that one reason for her eye-appeal in every outfit is her amazingly age-belying body. At 66, she still has a bikini-worthy figure – proving that being postmenopausal doesn't have to mean packing on the pounds.
  • Barbra Streisand She sang about the way we were, yet she confidently embraces the way she is now. The legendary warbler will turn 70 in April of this year, but she knows how to drape her shape with just the right styles to make her a commanding presence even in a roomful of younger colleagues. She is a huge fan of vintage clothing and scouts for pieces that will enhance her timeless and totally original kind of beauty.
  • Michelle Obama Our style-conscious FLOTUS definitely has the right to bare arms! She has been famously photographed with those toned biceps showing in styles ranging from tank tops to halters to strapless evening gowns. We can take two lessons from this: First, she works out to keep not only her arms but also her entire body in top shape. And second, pinpoint what your best feature is and then flaunt it!
  • Meryl Streep A collection of glasses with different frames adds to the chameleon magic of the versatile megastar. In this photo, with her hair unbound and slightly tousled, she's sporting a pair of wire-framed specs that add to her easy good looks. But, as one of her movies pointed out, it gets complicated. When she wants a more business-like appearance, she puts on square designer frames that give her authority. And she has plenty of other styles to match her moods as well. The poet Dorothy Parker once penned the couplet that goes "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses." Streep, whose flawless complexion makes her a head-turner with or without the eyewear, proves Parker wrong!
  • Diane Sawyer The world-class anchorwoman knows exactly how to look assertive yet approachable. At 66, she wisely ignores here-today, gone-tomorrow trendiness. Instead she favors a 1980s retro look with suits that sometimes have shoulder pads. Her color palette is never boring, though. She wears bright red as well as more neutral shades with equal aplomb. True, her closet is full of designer labels but you can steal her style with clever and affordable knock-offs.
  • Nancy Pelosi Those trademark pearls give her a signature look that transforms casual and dressy outfits alike. Photographs of her in business suits as well as when she's dressed for black tie events show how choosing one piece as a wardrobe statement really works. Tip: These days, faux pearls are virtually indistinguishable from the wildly expensive real ones.
  • Barbara Walters She's in her 80s but she still has great gams – and she knows enough to show them off! Even at events where most of the other celebs are wearing long gowns, she sometimes shows up in an elegant number with a knee-brushing hemline. She also pairs her dresses and skirts with leg wear in coordinating colors from nude to black and everything in between. And for sportier occasions, she pulls on slim pants, including white ones. If you have shapely legs as well, why not borrow Barbara's tactic and make them your focal point?
  • Betty White Like Annie in the Broadway musical, the beloved actress and author knows you're never fully dressed without a smile. She turned 90 on January 17th 2012, but she still smites her adoring public with that heartfelt smile of hers. Not only that, but she isn't afraid to wear bright red lipstick that helps to light up her eyes, make her teeth look whiter, and send the message that she's unquestionably still in the game.