Get This Look: Emmylou's Gorgeous Hair

Talk about healthy hair!

Country legend, Emmylou Harris has always had a gorgeous head of (gray) hair, but this is just ridiculous. Shiny, voluminous, bouncy, stylishEmmylou has a mane that most 20 year-olds would kill for.

We love how Emmylou owns her gray hair. (And, is it just us, or does it almost looks like it has a bluish tint to it here? Is old lady chic in the near future?!) Her cut is just as stylish and trendy as most Hollywood starlets (hello, bangs!), but without the dye job.

To get hair as shiny and bouncy as Emmylou's try a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week. We like Rene Furterer's Okara Radiance Mask. It really penetrates the hair shaft, leaving it ultra-hydrated.

Emmylou is living proof that going gray does not mean you have to resort to plain, dated hairstyles.

Well talk about your outfit another time though, darling.

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