Statement Jewelry to Make You Feel Great


  • By Lois Joy Johnson

    Forget yoga and fancy facials. When you need a boost, blue bijoux, chunky white arm candy and bold statement earrings are the new fast fixes. They turn a plain white shirt and jeans into South of France chic, add an unexpected pop of color to your face without a scrap of makeup and make you feel cool and hip when your mirror and scale imply otherwise. Choose one or all of these three kinds of pick-me-ups.

    Chunky Bib Necklaces in Cool Hues

    A major statement necklace that nestles right at the collarbones will lengthen your neck... and light up your skin. Just be sure to wear them with a V neckline to keep the stretch going as they focus attention away from saggy skin around the jaw. Combos of blue and white with glints of gold chain or crystal glam up plain white tees and spark tailored work clothes and dresses if you're job hunting, dating or just making a quick day to dinner transition without changing clothes. (In photo, Turquoise Cluster Bib, $44,

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  • J. Crew Bauble Cascade necklace ( $150,
  • Ann Taylor Oasis Cabochon Bib Necklace ($98,
  • Aqua Cobalt Neon Beaded Bib Cluster Necklace ($48,
  • Colorful Lightweight Drop Earrings Think Jackie O., not Woodstock, with sophisticated Sixties-inspired stones in shades from lapis to aqua framed in gold. You want light, one-stone drops that are at least the size of your thumbnail with a stud back, slim French wire hook or a snap clasp closure. They'll sit close to your lobes and won't drag down piercings or stretch delicate ear skin like trendy chandeliers. These gems flatter every hair color and style from long manes to choppy shags or tousled crops and the shape works well with glasses for women who wear frames all the time.(In photo, Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel Bean Earrings, $50,

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  • Corelia Leets Large Teardrop Earrings ($105,
  • Arden B. Crystal Teardrop Earrings ( $24,
  • White Leather and Enamel Bangles and Cuffs White bracelets in leather, enamel or mosaic boost any wardrobe of neutrals- but really transform your basic black pieces from last summer. Show off your trim wrists, elegant gestures, toned biceps ( if you've been doing your mini weight lifts) and mix them with your gold or silver arm candy for a contemporary look. Stack bangles for impact but wear one wow cuff to highlight a simple sheath. Try slipping one white cuff on each wrist for a new twist on the twinset. (In photo, White Stud Cuff, $34,

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  • Ivory Bangle ($214,
  • Butterfly Cuff ($98,

    About the Author

    Lois Joy Johnson is ThirdAge's Beauty and Fashion Director and the author of "The Makeup Wakeup."