Linda Dano Her Style Secrets

  • Ditch What's "In" Following the trend of the moment "will kill you. And you'll look silly and goofy and people will giggle about you when you leave the room," Linda stresses. "I think dressing for your age is absolutely key. When you walk by a woman on the street and you just go 'Wow,' look at her whole outfit. It probably is a very simple dress or jacket; it's her accessories that make her shine." Dust off your heirlooms and add a stunning broach to a top, or slip into a statement necklace. Try the Linda Dano "Extraordinary Bold" Bead Y-Necklace, available in white, light blue and striped red.
  • Add The Polish Linda means that, literally. "Make sure your hair, nails and toenails are looking good," she says, adding that paying attention to these small details pull together your final look, and people are certain to notice. Skip harsh colors that can make hands look older and opt for neutral shades in pink, beige or cream. It's a better platform for that ruby-studded ring your mom left you and are now showing off daily. Check out Essie nail polish's beige collection for a host of choices.
  • Get A Bit Manly

    Nope, we're not asking you to add flannel and dockers to your closet. Just one fabulously fitted "white cotton man-tailored shirt," Linda advises. She suggests turning up that collar and adding your favorite accessories. "You'll look like a million dollars," Linda says. If you really want to splurge, try the limited edition Thomas Pink's DKNY white tailored shirt, a soft combination of luxury and style for $185.

    Linda will be back on QVC December 1st dispensing some Christmas cheers and ideas for the holidays. And were sure she would suggest a great black dress with just a touch of glitter to make you shine at all your Christmas parties.

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