The Perfect Haircut for Every Face

  • Round Faces If you have a round face, its best to make it appear leaner and longer. To accomplish that effect, make sure your hair comes down just past your chin. Compliment the cut with some soft layers and tapered ends. If youre going to have bangs, be sure they are long or side-swept. Avoid: Blunt-cuts and curly short hair is not recommended for women with round faces.
  • Square-Shaped Faces If you have a square face, that means you probably have a strong and detailed jaw line. Long and sleek hairstyles can downplay those strong features. Compliment your cut with curled or choppy ends, and you will have a great fit. Short and spiky cuts are not out of the question either. Just be sure your bangs are angled towards your jaw line to make it appear softer.Avoid: One-length bobs are not recommended. Also, avoid putting your hair into a tight ponytail or bun -- that will only highlight your facial features.
  • Oval-Shaped Faces An oval-shaped face is very versatile. With an oval face, you can pull off nearly any hairstyle. This includes cuts ranging from a long and wavy 'do, to a super short and sophisticated bob. It just depends on your best feature, according to Julyne Derrick. If your eyes are your best feature, go blunt or side-swept. Want people to focus on your chin? Consider an angular bob. Having layers near your best feature -- whether its your eyes, cheekbones, lips, or jaw -- will help you emphasize it. Avoid: Maintaining a hairstyle that was in years ago. If you havent changed your hairstyle for a while, head to the salon and pick out a new style. A bad hairstyle can age you by 10 years. Also avoid blunt cuts for curly or thick hair. And if you add to many layers to the top of your head, it could make your face appear longer.
  • Heart-Shaped Faces Heart-shaped faces tend to have a pointed chin and a wider forehead. Long, side-swept bangs are a great look because they will draw attention down to the eyes and cheekbones. If you have short hair, keep your layers long and soft. Long-haired ladies should keep their layers right at the cheekbones. A chin-length bob with tapered ends is an excellent style for this face type. Avoid: Don't wear harsh or choppy layers if you have a heart-shaped face. Also, short and choppy bangs are usually a no-no.