Q & A: How Can I Hide My Saddlebags

QUESTION: I am slim all over, but I have pronounced saddlebags. Wearing most pants is embarrassing because the saddlebags are very obvious! What styles will solve this problem?

ANSWER: Dressing to camouflage saddlebags consists of two things: downplaying your bottom half, and playing up your top half.

To minimize your bottom half, look for pants with full, flowing legs that skim over saddlebags. Dark colors such as black, charcoal, and chocolate are the most slimming, while lighter shades and patterns are the least so. Avoid clingy pants and slim-leg styles. Or skip the pants altogether and go for A-line skirts, which also skim over saddlebags successfully.

On top, go for attention-grabbing styles such as deep V-necks, scoop-necks, off-the-shoulder looks, spaghetti straps, or asymmetrical styles. Also experiment with bright colors and patterns on top.

Source: beauty

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