Scarves a Warming Trend for Summer Fashion

They add a little flair and a little mystique, industry experts say.

Wear them tight around the neck and let the tail flow down the center of the body, or don't tie them at all and just let them hang over the shoulders.

While they've always been a fashion accessory, Ellen Goldstein, chair of the accessories design department at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, said this season's style is airy and decorative, and scarves fit the bill.

Locals agree, and shops such as The Style House on Route 315 in Plains Township are stocking summer scarves that both men and women can wear multiple ways.

Owner Meghan Limongelli ordered silk Wish 4 Peace scarves after her cousin Michael inquired about them.

"I saw a lot of press on them, too," she said.

Prints include skulls, stars and hearts, butterflies, peace signs and more.

Limongelli thinks wearing scarves this summer is probably more of a trend than ever before, as does Joe Rodano, of Plains Township, who prides himself on trying to keep up on what's trendy in terms of men's fashion.

He began sporting a thin scarf when his buddy from Miami introduced him to the concept.

"It was always OK for the girls," Rodano, 26, said. "You see it more and more now (with guys wearing scarves in warmer weather)."

Carmen Jones, owner of Rampel on Pierce Street in Kingston, has noticed the same.

Her company carries a silk-cashmere-blend scarf with a bit of a cotton mix.

"Men are buying them now," she said. "It's kind of like a bi-gender thing."

They come in all different colors and have tassels on them, which "they tie to make them look like a necklace," she said.

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