The Power Of Wearing Red


  • By Lois Joy Johnson

    After two years of not getting many responses on a dating site, 57-year-old Louise Leech (left) put up a photo of herself in a bright red bathing suit. Results: She received over 900 responses within two days. I am not a bit surprised. The quote: "When in doubt wear red!" has been attributed to legendary fashion designer Bill Blass. But nowadays, 99.9 % of women over 50 wear black for a booster shot. Just like putting on sunscreen, Spanx and deodorant, dressing in black has become a daily habit that makes us feel confident, protected and secure.

    Yet in case you haven't noticed, wearing black does one really bad thing. It sucks every ounce of glow from mature complexions. And as a final insult it emphasizes under-eye discolorations. But, there's a simple antidote, as Louise Leech figured out-- and that's wearing color...especially red.

    Clear vibrant reds restore a juicy youthful look to your skin. Bright pinks and oranges work in a similar way (so don't overlook them either) but red is easiest to find and will stick around in your closet longer. Red makes over your complexion faster than you can say laser treatment. I know so-called pros always suggest a "touch of color" near the face in a scarf, but I say go for it in a bigger statement like a dress or jacket. You'll stand out in the crowd, take on a subtle sexy vibe and feel energized (Legendary fashion guru Diana Vreeland lived in an entirely red apartment and no one had more joie de vivre ).

    Here are three smart ways to wear red, so start shopping!
  • Get A Red Dress Choose a structured knit sheath (the new ones don't bag or lose their shape, so give them a whirl) or a shirtdress - both are hot trends fashion trends and look super chic in red. Golden reds with a yellow undertone like tomato reds and orange-y reds add warmth and freshen sun-damaged or gray-ish skin. Bright reds with more of a fruity or berry hue brighten cooler skin tones and pasty complexions effectively so you can skip the self-tanner. Stay away from dark reds and brownish reds. They're drainers! If you're out there dating, going to family events, parties, reunions and any social occasion where you don't want to get lost in a sea of black, make red your go-to. Just add nude shoes or metallic sandals. (Calvin Klein spicy red knit sheath, $119.50,
  • Buy A Red Jacket Throw it over white tees and all your slim ankle cropped pants, khakis or jeans. You do need a slim modern fit and newsy details, like a cutaway front or ruching, to make the punchy hue modern. Forget about a boxy blazer or man-tailored suit jacket: The dowdy shape counteracts the peppy color. Here’s one to try. Yes, it’s from a young brand, but think outside the box! (Forever 21 ruched sleeve jacket, $27.80,
  • Wear A Red Swimsuit Remember it worked for Louise, and forget about a black maillot for once. Do you wear a red or black lipstick when you want to brighten your face?! A wide V neck and ruching or ruffles add to the benefits. (INC International Concepts Swimsuit, $69.98,