Fibromyalgia The Right Clothes to Wear

  • Bra

    For fibromyalgia patients who opt to keep wearing bras, getting a bra-fitting is a necessity. Tracy M. Pfeifer, M.D., told Ana Tigre of that a frightening 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. A too-tight band and/or too-small cups will make your pain worse.

    Health writer Adrienne Dellwo of says that fibromyalgia patients should wear either soft-cup bras (wireless bras that will still give support) or sports bras, which lightly hug the rib cage. For smaller-chested gals, unlined bralettes are also an option.

    You should also look for bras with wide shoulder straps -- thinner straps dig into the shoulders.

    For those who want to ditch bras altogether, fibro sufferer Suzybelle wrote into to suggest using breast petals -- products made out of soft lining -- to cover the areola when you wear revealing clothes.

  • Panty Hose and Socks

    Control tops may slim your waist, but health writer Adrienne Dellwo youll pay for the tension later. Instead, Dellwo says you should opt for thigh-highs, which keep your legs looking nice while keeping your mid-section much happier.

    For those who want to skip the hose altogether, writer Sandy Robinson suggests wearing long dresses.

    Socks can also pose a dilemma due to their elastic band that create aches and pains. But, no worries, says There are many comfortable sock options, including wearing either thinner socks that put less pressure on joints, or buying different length socks to miss sensitive spots.

    Socks made specifically for people with diabetes, such as these Dr. Scholl diabetes and circulatory socks, are also highly recommended.

  • Pants and Skirts

    Pants are the most difficult clothes to maneuver around pain, but with these helpful tricks, hopefully youll feel as if youre lounging in pajamas all day.

    Many fibromyalgia sufferers agree -- low-rise pants are the best bet because they dont constrict the midsection. Draw string pants beat out elastic waistbands because theyre adjustable and flexible. If your weight fluctuates or you eat a lot while wearing them, you can give yourself a little more room, says writer Adrienne Dellwo.

    Both Dellwo and recommend doing the "sit test" while shopping for pants. When trying on pants, sit down, lean forward and wiggle around a little. If the pants are still comfortable, theyre a keeper.

    And for obvious reasons, jeans should be avoided at all times.

    For those who want to wear skirts, Sandy Robinson recommends you stick with silky-type skirts with loose-fitting waistbands.

  • Extra Tips


    When buying clothes and even bedding, recommends to opt for "cotton, silk, finely brushed wool, cashmere and alpaca," because these natural and light fibers won't rub your tender joints the wrong way.

    Temperature Control

    Fibro sufferers internally fluctuate between hot and cold temperatures throughout the day and should dress accordingly. Layering a larger button-up shirt over a light-weight t-shirt and bringing a cardigan can help you avoid temperature sensitivity during the day.

    Don't Carry a Heavy Purse

    Additional weight from a purse can cause "neck and muscle cramps," and balance and posture issues, says Try to limit yourself to only carrying the essentials in your purse. If you need to take more items along, leave them in your car to fetch at any time.