Has anyone been cured of fibromyalgia? What was the treatment and how long did it take?
There are tons of theories about this illness but I have heard of people who have found a "way" back to help. Please share what you discovered worked for you.I meant to say "back to health". Symptom free answers is what I'm looking for. Thanks.
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There are a lot of miss information on , one of my friends had it for years, but actually she had ALS and died, so it's a tough diagnosis, I think
The only people that have been 'cured' never had fREAL FMS to begin with..It is hgihly overdiagnosed by docs (and patienst) that use tehterm for any pain even if it is due to anotehr condition or lifestyle choices. I wouldn't be surprised if 75-90% of people with the diagnosis didn't atcually have it.on the opposite end are teh people that rally have it-but docs don't believe FMS exists...the first step is to determine if it really is fibroknow what it is NOTyouwill probably be referred to fibrofix in another repsonse--that is PURE QUACKERY...that person did nt have ral FMS-she had a metabolic condition with simialr symtpomsit is nOT thick body fluidsbody acidliver problemtehre are not 4 types--there is 1 REAL FMSIt is NOt arthristis-ther is no inflammationNOt autoimmunemut musculoskeletal./rhemautologicalnot a viatmin deficeincynot pyschological--at least 50% of patients do NOT have depressionIT IS a neuro disorder-witheveidnce of problems with brainblood profusion and use of neurotransmitters (serontint, norepinephrine)the only 3 approved meds are neuro in nature Cymablta, Lyrica and SavellaI have had symptoms for 30 symptoms were reversed when I had a seizure-which reset the electrical system of my brain-that may be key to finding a good treatment---that is what the approved meds attempt to doi am also the 1st person in teh world to get the VAgus Nerve Stimulator for fms (1 of 14 people)--it looks promising--it also serves to reset thebrains electricity---there ar also studeies on magnetic stimualtionof teh brain
There are thousands of people. Not "cured", but living pain free without pain pills, able to think clearly and live a normal life. A combination treatment method. Over the counter meds combined with tricks and tips. We test to know which Version we have. Saliva pH test and Temperature. Simple, do-it-yourself and inexpensive. Then use the appropriate combination of meds, tricks and tips, and adjust for the severity of symptoms. The fastest anyone has relieved all symptoms after starting this method is one day. As soon as they got the combination right and everything adjusted. This site was the first to post an almost comprehensive list of Symptoms with descriptions, Discoveries, Treatment Outline, and Meds. It tells anyone how to beat the symptoms of Fibromyalgia on a daily basis. You can get every thing you need locally. There is nothing for sale. No donations accepted. Help is free and confidential by email or phone. We will pay for any U.S. phone calls. Print off anything you want to keep handy. We ask nothing in return. I have been using this method myself every day for over 8 years. Some are able to "graduate out" of using the method. When they get up and going again, they can stay that way. The truth will set you free.

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Fibromyalgia is a complex, chronic, and disabling disorder. It causes widespread pain and stiffness in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, along with poor sleep and fatigue.

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