How do you get rid of fibromyalgia?
How do you get rid of fibromyalgia or the pain in total?
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An ex-girlfriend of mine had it. I read this book to try and help her.
You don't. You can only do your best to mitigate the pain with meds, and, for some folks, exercise and weight loss can help combat the pain..
to my knowledge you cant because its like a form of arthritis. my cousin has it & she takes pain meds when she has a flare up. you cant get rid of it but it cant kill you either so thats the good thing.
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So far, they have not found a cure. Probably because they aren't even sure what causes it. As of right now, they can only treat the symptoms. Try to relax and not get upset, because that does make it worse. Take frequent rest periods. Take your medicine. Good luck to you.
Fibromyalgia itself cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be treated. Medications such as analgesics and antidepressants can help with pain management. Proper nutrition, exercise and sleeping habits also play important roles in treatment. Finally, a wide range of complementary treatments (e.g., massage, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, biofeedback, hypnosis) may also help. Many individuals have trouble coping with fibromyalgia and may find help in psychological counseling and support groups.
You need to decrease the inflammation of your joints, this can be done with bioflavonoids. It is a safe, natural way to stop the pain and slow the aging process
I know a lot of people who have gotten serious help with fibromyalgia by taking a natural product called Reliv. I would be happy to talk to you about it, just send me an email.Take care and God bless,

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