I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in both of my knees, i am active duty military?
and my unit is still trying to deploy me, don't get me wrong i originally joined bc i wanted to deploy however, i am in an excruciating amount of pain even in a more relaxed environment, i honestly believe that deploying me would be like throwing me to the wolves, does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do?
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There are a few new medications that are on the market for Fibromyalgia.One is called Lyrica.Are the military doctors aware of your condition?I am not familiar with the military rules on deploying people with arthritis and other ailments.The only other medicines for arthritis are anti-inflammatory and these do have side effects as does the medication, Lyrica. You really didn't explain too much about the military doctors and what their recommedations are.
1. Do you have access or insurance / champus to cover a civilian physician appointment? If so I would see a civilian Orthopedic Specialist for a SECOND OPINION and treatment of these problems. Most insurances do cover a second and even a third opinion appointment.We were in the military for 20 years so that is why I am suggesting a CIVILIAN Orthopedic Specialist instead of a military one. I'm sure you understand what I mean. Make sure you get a copy of the medical exam and teatment from the civilian doctor and keep a copy for your OWN RECORDS and make a copy to be included in your military records. I do advise that you have a copy made of your current military record addressing all the test and medical diagnosis of this problem and any other long term health issue you have, to keep for your OWN RECORDS as I have seen many such records disappear through the years. These records are very important for your retirement or for getting out of the military for medical reasons for without them you have no proof that this medical problem happened while you were in the military. You might have your own personal copies stored with your parents or in a safety deposit box. 2. If you do not continue to see your military physician with your complaints of pain, they will take your problem lightly and think your really aren't in as much pain as you say.Continually going to the physician will let them know that you are in pain and need some help. Ask your physician if physical therapy will work for you to help alleviate the pain. That usually takes from a few weeks to about a month to see if it works. If you do go to the civilian orthopedic specialist you might also ask them about physical therapy. It is my understanding that the military can't send you anywhere if you are in treatment for a physical problem so that is why I am suggesting the physical therapy.I know many people who have fibromyalgia and many that have arthritis and I have even cared for people with arthritis and sometimes their pain is excruciating. I do know that worry and stress really does make the problem worse, and that nighttime seems to be the worse time for pain or if during the day they are doing some activity that moves or stresses those areas.Another thing is about your knees make sure those are checked again to make sure it is arthritis and not some other problem or broken cartledge in the knee that can only be relieved with surgery.I do know that many patients do get some relief from correcting their diet and finding what foods affect their fibromyalgia and arthritis as these are immune system problems.Many people use a vegetarian diet for fibromyalgia and arthritis but you really have to make sure you do it correctly and get all the nutrients like vitamin B12 and calcijm that you need. Some people are affected by white potatoes, strawberrys, milk products, wheat products, sugar and more so as you see many things can affect your body if you have immune problems. You might want to go to your local health food store and see what they suggest.I will put you on my prayer list.
Arthritis and fibromyalgia? I can't believe that nor do I. Not at your age. They are just wrong, wrong, wrong!!! You don't have either of those things. You have tendons that have shortened up in your kneecaps pulling them up on your knee and into it as well, the part that is sending you into all kinds of pain and not being able to lift your knees the way you should. Once you release the tendons your knees will be fine. Here is how to do that:Kneecap: (Use a chair that has no cross members on it.)While sitting start with your leg out in front of you extended out to a comfortable length. Wrap your hands around it so you leave a open working area. Place your thumbs about two inches behind your knee and press into the top middle of your leg hard and hold. Relax. After 30 seconds, slowly slide that leg back until it is pulled up under the chair as far as you can make it go. Then release the pressure but hold your leg there for one minute longer.Be sure to keep a good pressure on them the whole time, especially when you are bending your knee, for that is when you are putting the length back into the tendon. Of course if you do these things they are going to think you were faking it before. If they believe you then you can ask them if they need one more good man in the service for you met one.
i'm surprised you don't get a medical dischargeplease clarify--do you only have pain in your knees or is it widespreadi wouldn't rush to tru fms medswhile it is a very real condition--it is highly over diagnosed by idiot docs who use it as a general label for painif you ahve 2 bad knees that can cause starin on teh rest of your body--and therefore widespread and faitigue--but that doens't mean it is fibrothere are other treatments for arthritis (i assume its osteo since its only teh knees)KIDS CAN GET ARTHRITS--ever hear of JRA juvenile rhemtoiod knee and foot have been arthritc (osteo) since my teens form injuries--anyone who says that is not possible is ignornati ahve had fibro since i was 5---so you are not too young

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