Is there any connection between bipolar disorder and B12 deficiency? What about BD and fibromyalgia?
I'm asking for a family member...Personal experience or professional opinion welcomed.
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Theres been studies done linking B12 deficiency to bipolar. High B12 status in the body reduces glutamate output and increases gaba synthesis which is what drugs like lithium and valporate do. Look up B12 and glutamate and B12 and bipolar online..the evidence is there.
fibromyalgia is beleived to be a problem with neurotransmittersBD also involves teh neurotransmitters
Yes, nutritional deficiencies have been linked to bipolar disorder. In particular, there appears to be a link between symptoms of bipolar disorder and Vitamin B-12. Vitamin C and lithium-rich foods also appear to affect bipolar disorder (manic depression).

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