Easy Ways To Fight Fibromyalgia Pain

Natural Ways To Fight Fibromyalgia Pain

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with fibromyalgia Its a painful condition that can get in the way of everyday activities But knowledge is power So read on to bone up on the causes symptoms and treatment options for fibromyalgia

More than six million Americans suffer with fibromyalgia-related pain. The discomfort, which can be severe, is most frequently felt in muscles, joints and tendons -- and it can be worsened by stress and anxiety. Even though medication is often prescribed for pain, there are lifestyle changes that can help.

WRITE IT DOWN The Mayo Clinic recommends writing down personal strategies that you know from experience have worked for you and that you can use when the pain intensifies. It might include napping, watching a comedy or calling a friend. Anything that helps you refocus your mind set will be helpful.

EXERCISE REGULARLY Low-impact exercise – walking, swimming, stretching -  is best.  It will not only strengthen your muscles and joints but can also help to boost your mood by releasing the feel-good brain chemical, serotonin.

SET A SCHEDULE Try to spread out your responsibilities and errands over the course of the week so they don’t create anxiety or pile up on one day and overwhelm you. By keeping a routine you’ll ultimately conserve energy and reduce painful episodes.

LEARN TO RELAX  Meditation and deep breathing have been shown to reduce fibromyalgia pain. It doesn’t have to take much time, either. Both techniques need only take ten minutes. Try to focus your thoughts on a single object or word for a fast track to meditation’s stress-reducing benefits.

TRY HERBS Herbal remedies can help relieve pain naturally. Fibromyalgia patient have reported relief with capsaicin applied topically for pain and ginger for inflammation reduction. Check with your doctor, though, before trying either of these yourself. 



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