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Health Benefits of Friendship

How Friends Keep You Healthy Sometimes it’s not easy to stay in touch with friends and distant family members, but there’s every reason in the world to do it. Not only do tight friendships and strong family offer an emotional connection, research shows when we have close ties, especially with upbeat buddies, we’re more likely to take better care of ourselves,...Read more

Working Through Differences

Confronting Conflict She's been your friend for as long as you can remember. You've been through ups and downs, sure, but you had never before faced a major communication problem or conflict. Now, however, you find that your friendship is in jeopardy because of a disagreement, misunderstanding, or worse.When anger simmers, and defenses are up, it can be hard to effecti...Read more

Quality Friendships

Supporting One Another By Prill BoyleI don't know about you, but I need all the support I can get -- especially when I'm taking a risk.Over the years, my girlfriends and I have endlessly encouraged each other. But as I was gearing up to launch my first book a few years ago, I needed the support to be both more specific and more structured. So even though I'm not much of ...Read more
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