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Parenting The Second Time Around

Motherhood All Over Again WILKES-BARRE, Penn. -- At age 56, Pittston resident Debbie Destefano is raising children again -- her three grandchildren, Evan, 13, Haley, 6, and Samuel, 1. Ms. Destefano, who works fulltime for Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, joined about 250 people who attended the Northeastern Pennsylvania Intergenerational Coalition's third annual con...Read more


Read to Your Grandkids to Give Them a Good Start One of the real treats of being a grandpa is reading books with my grandkids. It's a special time when the noise and hyperactivity of our high-tech world is temporarily suspended. Books open up new worlds for them, worlds in which they play an active role. For me it's a chance to see old and familiar things again through the eyes of my grandkids. S...Read more

21st Century Grandparenting

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Grandparents Are on Facebook, Too HAMILTON, N.J. - When your 88-year-old grandfather sends a request to be your "friend" on Facebook, you have two choices: Either confirm it, then quickly take down all those party pictures you thought were so funny, or plan on never coming home for the holidays. As someone who lists pinot grigio as a hobby, I was seriously concerned about...Read more
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