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Hair Styles

Easy Summer Hair Styles The heat is on, and when it comes to hair, that can mean fighting the frizz or battling to build a bit of body.As the temperatures rises, few of us want to spend hours under the hairdryer, or time trying to tame our errant locks.You want a look and style that is quick and easy to manage, and doesn't make you late for that barbecue or cocktails by t...Read more

Hair How-To's

How to Get Shiny Hair QUESTION: My hair seems so dull. How can I make it look healthier? ANSWER: First, determine why your hair looks less than lush: Perhaps you colored it but haven't been using color-protective products. Or maybe you have product buildup -- the result of applying too many styling aids and not removing with the right shampoo. Or it might be...Read more

Gray Hair

Why Does Hair Turn Gray? Natural peroxide bleach is responsible for hair turning gray or white with age, scientists have discovered. The same substance responsible for Marilyn Monroe's golden locks also gives Alistair Darling his distinctive white thatch. Researchers found hydrogen peroxide created by cells plays a role in age-related loss of hair color. ...Read more

Dealing with Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss A strand here, a clump there. You might not know how, or why, your hair started falling out, but suddenly, those long, luxurious locks are clogging your shower drain in greater and greater numbers. On television, in advertisements and elsewhere, hair loss is treated often as a men's health issue. However, millions of women lose their hair at variou...Read more

Hair Treatments

Fringe Hair
Brazilian Blowout Review & Cost When I moved to New York a couple months ago from Los Angeles there was some serious getting used to that had to take place on my behalf. I now walked everywhere instead of drove; I went grocery shopping at bodegas instead of Whole Foods (because its just too far); and my hair was an uncontrollable, frizzy mess. After residing in dry Califo...Read more

Hair Tips

Four Tips to Battle Brittle Hair If you have an extremely dry scalp and hair, you should take extra care of your tresses in order to avoid hair loss or even an infection. In addition, make sure you choose a hairstyle that you can manage during winter. Not only will moisturizing your hair help to hydrate your mane, it will also help your hairstyle to stay in place. The American Aca...Read more

Hair Questions

Old Woman Smiling
Is Hair Loss in Women Normal? Help! I'm a woman and my hair is falling out in clumps. Is that normal?Nearly two thirds of women experience hair loss at some point in their lives -- information that's small comfort when it's your mane that's falling out in clumps or you discover barren patches of fuzz on your pate. "From genetic to hormonal to thyroid to anemia, there are s...Read more
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