Deafness Treatment

Can this condition be treated? What Deafness treatment options are available? Learn more below about the current treatments available to patients.


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How to Treat Deafness

Treatment for deafness depends on the type of hearing loss. Options may include:

  • Medical treatment-for example, removal of earwax or use of antibiotics to treat an ear infection
  • In selected cases of sudden hearing loss, medical treatment with Intratympanic steroids may be effective.
  • Hearing aids-small devices that are worn in or behind the ear to help amplify sounds
  • Surgery-in some cases, surgery may be recommended to help improve hearing; types of surgery include:
    • Stapedectomy-for treatment of otosclerosis
    • Tympanoplasty -for a perforated eardrum
    • Tympanoplasty tubes-for persistent middle ear infections or fluid
  • Cochlear implant -a surgically implanted electronic device that helps provide sound to a person with severe sensorineural hearing loss (although the devices do not completely restore hearing, improvements in implant technology continue to be made)


Learn what Deafness is
What It Is
Learn the basics of this condition. Find out what you're dealing with.
Deafness Causes
What causes Deafness? Learn what the medical community has uncovered.
Deafness Risk Factors
Risk Factors
Are you at risk of getting Deafness? Inside you'll find known risk factors for the condition.
Deafness Diagnosis
How will your doctor diagnose you with this condition? Learn about the tests, process, and more.
Deafness Symptoms
What are the Deafness symptoms? Are you showing any? Learn more today.
Deafness Complications
Can this condition lead to other health problems? Learn more about the known complications.

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Screening for Deafness
Learn more about the specific tests or exams given by your doctor to screen for Deafness.
Deafness Medications
What medications offer relief or help with this condition? Are there side effects? Risks? Learn more.
Deafness Prevention
How can you prevent Deafness? Read what the medical community suggests for prevention methods.
Deafness Treatment
Can this condition be treated? What Deafness treatment options are available?
Deafness Care
Learn more about the day to day care of this condition. Changes to your activity, diet, exercise, and more.
Deafness Doctors
Find a Doctor
Do you need to contact a doctor about Deafness? Select a location to find a specialist in your area.

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