What do you think my chances are of getting breast cancer?

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What do you think my chances are of getting breast cancer?
This is a repost since I like this section better for more mature responses.Yeah, this isn't the most reliable source but I'm just curious. I'm 19. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time recently and I'm scares as you can imagine. I'm not sure what type she has, but I know the original cancer was estrogen positive. My great aunt also had it. Also, does breast cancer happen in patterns? Sounds weird, but there seems to be a pattern in my family that the youngest sister in each family set gets it. My mom is the youngest, my great aunt is the youngest, I am the youngest. It scares me.So, what does everyone think on my chances?
Of course there is always a chance for any woman to hey breast cancer. But just keep getting your breasts checked for lumps and strange things often you can even check them yourself! I thing as long as you stay on top o your check ups and checking yourself you will be fine and if the doctor or you notice anything strange just be sure to get seen right away! Hope I helped! :)
It is almost unheard of for a person under 20 to get breast cancer. It is possible, but very rare.
Nowadays honey, one of any 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life time (family history or not) It's due to the environment we live in (i.e. ecology: air, water, food, pollution) . The older we get, with the unhealthy the life style chances will be greater . Family history of cancer is a minus, but do all that you can to try to prevent it. Research the healthiest diet, avoid toxins, radiation. Do exercise. You age is a plus.


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