Got my results from breast ultrasound and this is what it says....?

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Got my results from breast ultrasound and this is what it says....?
palpable lump in upper outer aspect of the right breast. Multiple heterogeneous calcification's in the right breast superior lateral quadrant anterior depth. increases fibroglandular tissue at site of lump with no focal mass identified. Intermediate suspicion of malignancy. Mammogram BI-RADS 4b. Ultrasound BI_RADS 4b. please help should i be concerned? What does this mean?
This is something the doctor who ordered the ultrasound should be explaining to you. It means you very likely have cancer, probably DCIS. You will need a biopsy, maybe an MRI.
Well I really don't know what half those words mean but I think that if it was something serious like cancer they would have told you, I'm actually getting surgery next wendsday I also have a lump on my left breast but they told me it wasn't cancer just some type of mass there. But since my lump does hurt an is getting bigger that's why they need to take it out to make sure its nothing cancerous . If I were u call ur doc again and fallow up with them. Hope I helped and good luck ! :)
When I see people put down the exact words of a medical report, I have to ask, why didn't you ask your DR. You obviously got it from her so you know what...ask. I can't believe nor will I believe that any Dr would let a person walk out of the office with test results and not explain.
It is suggestive of most likely malignancy and you will be advised for biopsy from mass to confirm it. Further more tests will be done to plan therapy.
Hi Michele, I'm a cancer survivor and my mom just had a masectomy too. It's scary and you are right to be concerned and ask questions, that's how we learn. What it means ifyou have a lump you can feel, it moves around a little on the outer part of your right breast probaby toward the under arm I'm thinking, you have calcifications in there we all have those, there's some odd fibroglandular tissue there too which means it could be cancer but it could be benign too and either way it should be removed, what they will want you to do is have a biopsy to determine what it is. Did they say how many millimeters or centimeters it is? The BIRADS is just the xray grading system. There's odd tissue sometimes called papilloma's which are fibroids that are stringy in the breast which can be a precursor to cancer so best to get the lump and tissue removed and find out what the scoop is, better now before it turns cancerous and causes trouble later on. Let me know how you make out and try to not worry.

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