lump on left breast on left side near armpit?

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lump on left breast on left side near armpit?
I have a small lump on my left breast by my armpit. It is hard and does not move. I looked everything up about the differences but i do not have any other signs. Pain as well as lumps can be either or. I am at a higher risk for breast cancer. Both sides of my family have a significant history of cancer including breast. I started my period before the age of 12 (they ask you that to determine you risk.) but i am only 20 years old, not 35. Though if you have a family history of breast cancer and you started your period before age 12 your at a greater risk than others. My aunt died of breast cancer., (mothers side) my grandmother and grandfather died of cancer. My question is simply, are there any clinics that do free biopsies for this kind of thing? I'm not sure if breast cancer in the family is the only concern but about 15 people on just my mothers side died of cancer. I only know of one who died of breast cancer.
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you should go see your doctor
First step is to monitor this for 2 weeks. If it is hormonal it may disappear in this time. If it is no smaller or even bigger in 2 weeks then 2nd step is to see your regular Dr. A quick examination by a professional may rule cancer out completely. 3rd step would then be to have an ultrasound of the lump if the Dr believes it is suspicious. They may or may not do a biopsy at this time. At 20, your risk is not high (about 1 in 1 million), even with early menstruation. A 2nd degree relative (aunt) is not considered to increase your risk. 90% of breast cancers are not due to inherited risk.
It doesnt matter age if you can get breast cancer my mother in which passed from cancer had it at age 37, she knew about a girl who had it at age 19. Please dont wait to go to the doctor dont wait until the lump gets to a size of a lemon there are many stages of cancer 1-4 i believe 4 to be the deadliest. Just ask in your general doctor to see if there are such programs. Cancer can come in diffrent forms. In some cases cancer doesnt even have a symptom. Thats why many women need to have a mamogram every 2 years. Cancer is a silent killer. Please get that check out even though your insurance does not cover.

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