Stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma... Survival rate?

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Stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma... Survival rate?
My mom was recently diagnosed with this an I cannot find a straight answer anywhere. What are her chances of surviving?
I had this and was given a 67% 5-year survival chance from doing ALL the treatments, including chemo, radiation, mastectomy, and hormone therapy. Depending on how advanced her case is and what treatments she does, she could be fine. Stay positive! It's not a death sentence. I am 2 years out and doing fine. That's just a statistic, too. Hard to quantify something like cancer survival because there are so many factors.
You can't get a straight answer because there is no straight answer. It depends a lot on whether her cancer is hormone receptive and whether lymph nodes were involved. I had Stage 3 IDC and am now just over two years post diagnosis. I had all the treatment, mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy and am now on hormone therapy. I don't care much for statistics as cancer tends to do whatever it wants. I know women with a far better prognosis than me who have had recurrences and people with worse ones who are still cancer free. I have done all the treatments that I can, I have regular follow ups and I live with the premise that I am cancer free and until I am told different, whether that be this year or ten years on I shall live my life as though I am. In a nut shell your mother has every chance that she will survive and live to old age but there are no guarantees. Also know that if she does have a recurrence there are some very good treatments now and you can live up to 10 years or more with advanced breast cancer. Don't give up, there is a lot of hope there for your mother. She will look and feel sick over the next year or so but you need to remember it is the treatment doing that, not the cancer, the cancer is gone. Best of luck to your mother.

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