My moms mammogram showed a mass in her right breast? Does this automatically mean cancer? Or something else?

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My moms mammogram showed a mass in her right breast? Does this automatically mean cancer? Or something else?
She went for her mammogram last week & the doctor that done it sent her a letter letting her know that he sent the result to her normal doctor to look over. She called her doctor and she said that my moms results showed a mass in her breast. My mom has to make a appointment to go back to do another mammogram next week. But this is really worrying me, cause everything I've found on google about it points straight to cancer....Could it be something else? If so what?
Most of the time these turn out to be benign (non-cancerous).
No, a conformation for cancer is based on a biopsy. The biopsy is therefore the next step of examination.
There are other things it could be, they'll do a biopsy to find out more if it looks suspicious. It could be benign, it could be a cyst, it could be a fibrous lump. Don't panic until you know what it is for sure.
If it automatically meant cancer she would be going to surgery not for another mammogram. It is likely a fibroadenoma.
It could just be a liquid filled cyst. My mom had one and it had to be drained with a needle. No biggie. If the mass does turn out to be cancer it does not mean she is going to go bald and have months of radiation either. It just may be as simple and removing it and a little tissue around it. Every case is different. Please do not think worse case scenario. You are going to freak yours self out for nothing.
Could be almost anything. Chances are that whatever it is, it's benign. According to the statistics, about 90% of women called back (due to something funny showing up on a mammogram) will be just fine, due to the anomaly being due to a cyst, connective tissue, or a benign tumor. Chances are that your mom will be just fine. Even so, it can be hard having to wait to get the results - I know that from personal experience. (I've been getting yearly mammograms for the past 12 years, and in that time, I've had 4 call-backs due to something funny showing up on the x-rays, and all 4 times, it was due to cysts showing up.) The follow-up mammogram is a diagnostic kind, rather than the screening mammograms she had last week. With this sort of of mammogram, the technologist will be focusing in on the the part of the breast where the mass is. Sort of like when you use a camera to take a picture of the family, and then narrowing down the focus so that you have only one person's face in the viewfinder. Depending upon how things are scheduled, your mom will also very likely have an ultrasound done. This can help the radiologist get an idea of what the interior of the mass looks like. Ultrasound is also used if the radiologist wants to do a biopsy, such as a fine-needle aspiration. I wish your mom all the best, and believe she will most likely have nothing to worry about.


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