Does putting your cell phone in your bra cause breast cancer...?

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Does putting your cell phone in your bra cause breast cancer...?
Ok so people at my school were saying that putting your cell in your bra can give you breast cancer?? I mean i dont really believe it but i know if you talk on the phone alot it's like proven to give you like brain cancer or some kinda stuff like that idk but i was just wanting to know cuz i put my phone between my boobs alot when i'm just walking around my house and i'd just like to know... Lol. Please no hate i'm just wondering...(: Thankss!<3
thats as carcinogenic as putting your balls on a microwave
I don't think so.... it doesn't really seem likely...if your phone touching your breasts gives you cancer then why doesn't it hurt any other skin it touches? See what I mean? So I would probably say no...the people at school were either messing wth you or sadly mistaken
Doubtful, but it does make you look trashy
Most things are considered to cause an ailment nowadays. It isn't something you should be worried about, the chances of it causing you harm are excruciatingly slim. Yes, cell phones can cause cancer. If you so much as sleep with your cell phone close to your head you are at risk of cancer. But then again, like I said, almost everything puts you at risk for some sort of sickness/disease. You have nothing to worry about. Plus, if you live life in fear... life isn't worth living.
I've put my phone in my bra as well and I haven't gotten breast cancer. To be safe, you should consult a health care professional. You should be fine though :)
There is a slight possibility but no evidence and certainly no proof. Phones have only been small enough to do this for about the last 10 years and very few women would have been doing it for that long. It would probably take 10 - 20 years exposure before any problem would arise. If there is a spike in breast cancer cases in a few years time in women who normally carry phones in bras then they may do some research into this. In the meantime, there is no evidence either way and phones emit a LOT less radio waves when not in use so it is probably not a problem.
A mobile phone emits lot of radiation,which may harm any tissue in the human body. When U, youngsters are so genius and intellectuals, U have lot of fear psychosis on 'cancer' too and its consequences. Prudent not to risk with Ur good health. The decision is left to Ur wisdom. PS. If satisfied/benefited with, inform others to browse 'Yahoo Answers’ on any health issue.
NO. Not proved.

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