Why can't I find any information on my great grandfather?

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Why can't I find any information on my great grandfather?
I have been working on my family tree for a little over a year now. While I have traced my grandmothers family back to Germany, I still know very little on my grandfathers side. Specifically my great grandparents, Gordon Eades Sr. and Clara Eades. Any information I know has come from census records and family lore. My mother said that Clara died of breast cancer when my grandfather was very young and, that my great grandfather remarried. Now it seems as though I have hit a brick wall. I can't even find death records. I don't even know what they look like, what kind of job my great grandfather had, nothing. When my grandfather died in 1993 he left his family history shrouded in mystery. We have never had contact with anyone on the Eades side of the family because we don't know where any of them are. If anyone has any suggestions or information I would greatly appreciate it.
When and where did they live? Dates?
It is simple you are looking in the wrong place and the family lore is or can be mis guiding you.... the names are spel differently, they are using middle names as given names which look different on records........... all of these can make things hard to find information......... So forget what you know or think you know............. what can you prove, what RECORD have you got at what date in what place and exactly what additional information does that record give you... and then you start from the information you have...not what you think, what you are told or what is assumed .... and we all hit brickwalls and many times it is because we have assumed something or are simply going on family lore and looking in the wrong place On your grandfathers birth certificate it should show his fathers name and occupation

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