Stabbing pain in left breast... Help?

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Stabbing pain in left breast... Help?
Hello... A little background info: on the 1st dec 2011 I went into hospital and had a gastric bypass and was released home the next day. The day after that (3rd), I was rushed back in as complications had caused the stitches in my stomach to burst and thanks to the contents spilling out into my abdomen, I got peritonitis, septicaemia and multiple organ failure, which meant I was put into a coma and had an emergency operation to fix the damage. I was kept in intensive care for a further 4 days following the coma and was hyper-sensitive, even someone touching my arm gently was painful for me. I was then moved to a normal ward in the hospital where I leaned to stand and walk again. I was released on the 18th December and brought back in yet again as I was in severe pain trying to breathe and my temperature went to 37.5 centigrade (99.5 Fahrenheit?) - it was discovered that I have a pulmonary embolism/ blood clot in my lung, so they put me on Warfarin (anticoagulant). The problem now: I am still very wary of doing anything that might cause an injury or aggravate the injuries I have at the moment because of all these complications, meaning I will need to go back into hospital. I have become quite a hypochondriac because of this. For the past hour and a half, I have been having sharp stabbing pains in the left side of my chest. Breathing deeply and moving around makes this worse. I have to sit very still and pant (and even then it hurts, but not as bad). When I got up the courage to try and massage the area, I discovered, it is not pain in my chest, but rather, the breast tissue itself that is painful. I know "all women experience pain in their breasts" and I am no different, I do sometimes like everyone else but nothing like this! I've never been in so much pain I cried out or wanted to move but couldn't because it hurt too much or not been able to take deep breaths to try and get through it before. Also, I don't think it's a pulled muscle (could be wrong), but I wasn't doing anything at the time it started and it's the mammary tissue, not anything within the rib cage as far as I can tell. I called NHS direct and was told, following my medical history recently, if it gets worse, call 999 immediately. Otherwise, call my GP (which is closed now - will have to call them tomorrow) for medical advice. I was worried that it may be my pulmonary embolism causing me pain but I don't know what could be causing me so much pain when it comes to the breast tissue. I am 23 years old so I haven't ever had a mammogram or anything like that, I check regularly and there are no new lumps or bumps in the tissue, I'm not pregnant (AF has just visited) and I don't have any other health problems like angina etc as the nurse from NHS direct said. Any ideas what it could be? I've tried my breathing exercises from the physio at the hospital, tried sitting up, reclining, lying down, putting something warm over the area, something cold, massaging the area, leaving it alone... I can't think of anything else except painkillers - but that wont help me find out what's causing the pain! Thank you. PS, no spam, scams, ads or stupid answers like "I don't know" or "go to Google" - I already did and didn't find info relevant to my situation. I will report these.
with your recent history, don't hesitate. Either call an out of hours GP and INSIST on an immediate visit or go to A&E.
Please call your GP tomorrow - your medical history is complicated and no-one should be guessing this for you on the internet. Good luck.
You need to seek medical advice as soon as possible. You can go to your local walk in Centre or A & E but if the pain is so severe you should see a Doctor sooner rather than later.

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