How to get over a cough quickly?

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How to get over a cough quickly?
There is no garunteed way to quickly recover from being under the weather or to get rid of a cough.There are some ways to try to speed up recovery, or at least try to. You can try drinking warm tea with honey. the honey will help coat your throat and help to stop or slow down a dry cough.Take a nice hot shower. The steam will help moisturize dry nasal passages and throats which might lead to less coughing.You can add humidity to the air you breathe. Try using a humidifier to add moisture to the air and help relieve a dry throat.Drinking lots of liquids and staying hydrated will ultimately lead to feeling better and leaving the cough behind.
Well, it really depends on how long you've had the cough and what caused it. If you are referring to a "dry" cough that seems to appear out of the nowhere, then I would recommend preparing a warm tea with a squirt of lemon juice and honey. The warm tea will soothe your throat and enable the coughing to stop.
The quickest way to get over a cough is to take some anti-cough medication. Even that offers no guarantee for quick recourse.

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