Can't get rid of my bad breath/taste in my mouth?

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Can't get rid of my bad breath/taste in my mouth?
I drink plenty of water. I floss and brush my teeth twice daily, as well as using mouthwash several times throughout the day. I even brush my gums, tongue, and roof of my mouth. I've been to the dentist, and he said everything looks good. I've been diagnosed with a nervous system disorder, and am on blood pressure medications, anxiety meds, nausea meds, pain meds, etc. Could my meds be causing me to have bad breath? I'm not constipated and don't have indigestion, so that shouldn't cause it. My meds are: Florinef, Paxil, Phenergan, Zofran, Xanaxl, and Camila.I use Colgate Total and Listerine. Anything info would help. Thanks!
How about some good ol' fashion gum?
try different mouthwash. I use act in the blue one and they also have green which is no alcohol in it. Colgate and listerine don't really get rid of bad breath very good. Try the other mouthwash or ask your dentist again to see which one recommed you to use.
Perhaps brush your tongue better. Most of the funk comes from there. Or perhaps you need to change up your diet.
My daughter had bad breath and we found it was coming from her stomach not her mouth. If you are taking medications there would be some odor from them being processed in the stomach. I have heard that once you get your problems sorted in your stomach your breath will become fresher or less smellier.You should ask your doctor if you are really worried
Do remember that combinations of these meds you are taking produces too much gastric juice in theintestine thereby creating a pungy sourlike effect causing indestinct emitted odors rising up the esophageal trach and out the mouth. I suggest you read very well the contraindications of the drugs you are taking and see if some of these inhibits stomach disorders. You may take prescribed antacids to counter the side effects. But it is still best to change those other meds to ensure a fresher breath.
Chew fresh parsley....
Hi Sally,Yes medication can definitely cause dry mouth, which leads to bad breath. Theres a good article and a list of medications here: like youre on the right track to combat your bad breath. I recommend Therabreath products, but you have to use them only mixing it with other brands of toothpaste and mouthwash undoes all the benefits that the products offer try that, you should see results in a few days if not sooner. You may want to double check the ingredients on your mouthwash Listerineand Crest tend to have alcohol in them. You are keeping yourself hydrated and following the right oral care routine. But here are some tips:1)Check your toothpaste and any mouthwash that you use to make sure they dont contain either alcohol or sugar. Toothpaste may also contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate. All three of these either dry out your mouth or provide proteins to sulfur-producing anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.2)Look for oxygenating toothpastes and oral rinses. Saliva fights off sulfur emissions because it is loaded with oxygen. When your mouth dries out, you lose that defense mechanism. Replace it with the right oral hygiene products.3)Avoid high protein diets and gums or mints that contain sugar. Diets that require you to eat all meat with little starches might help you lose weight, but they tend to wreak havoc on your breath. A sugary mint or stick of gum might freshen your breath for a minute, but youre really just providing nourishment to bacteria that cause bad breath.If you try all of these suggestions and you still have bad breath, consult a physician and have a medical examination done. There are other physiological conditions of the liver, kidneys and heart that can cause bad breath and there are also periodontal diseases that can contribute to the problem, so you might want to see a dentist also. Also, have you thought about taking an oral care probiotic of some sort? Heres a great site with tons of information on probiotics and its benefits: www.proprobiotics.comTo find out more on how to treat bad breath go to which has informative articles about treating bad breath.I hope this helps!

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