Why do people treat overweight people so badly?

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Why do people treat overweight people so badly?
I used to be skinny, and people treated me respectfuly..I gained alot of weight last year, I gained 35 kilos, because I was very depressed..One thing I noticed is how shallow people are..People look down on me, treat me like crap now.
It's 'cause the world is full of shallow people. Also 'cause of first impressions.
That is a good research question. In your position from both sides, you could say that you are doing the research. Maybe, you are projecting a different vibe now, than before. Perhaps, they pick up on it. Hard to say, as young adults can be so mean. Hope you can find nicer friends. Then, when you are thin again, be nice to those in your shoes now. Maybe, it is the lesson you were put on earth to learn.
I looked down at fat people because, They would always tell me "UGH I WISH I COULD DO WHAT YOU DO!" And it really Pisses me off that they think "I just can't" When the truth is, I went through HELL to lose weight. And they think Poor me.
They make assumptions about success, lifestyle, and intelligent based on weight because of stereotypes. Not all overweight people are the same. They deserve just as much respect as anyone else. People often do this because they feel since it's their fault, it's okay. It may not even by their fault and if it was, so what? People have no right to and it's getting more and more socially acceptable in america. What people don't see is that it's not just caused by overeating and lack of physical activity. But psychological and environmental factors play a huge role. The more you harass them, the more they'll want to eat. It's called emotional eating. It doesn't matter what they eat. They eat a salad someone snickers and says Hah, clearly that's not working. They eat a heavy meal and people make rude comments about it as well.Here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZLzHFgE0AQ&feature=relmfuAlso, watch "to be fat like me" it shows what overweight people have to go through on a daily basis. Pure ignorance.
This is not to excuse treating people badly: there are people in all walks of life that takes pleasure in belittling others in order to feel superior themselves. This could be directed at people who are overweight, mentally retarded, poor, or just look different.You're going to find that those who mistreat you because of your weight, are themselves very small and insecure people. But, now you know who are your real friends and who are not.BTW: You really need to find a way to lose the 35 kilos. That is a VERY unhealthy amount of weight to gain in just 1 year. This is for your health, not for the approval of others. If you find that you still cannot shake your depression, then find a mental health expert - depression is NOTHING to feel ashame of and you don't need to live or suffer it in silence.

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