How to kill yourself painlessly?

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How to kill yourself painlessly?
I have HIV and am on the meds, which I have adapted to now for the 3rd time. I'm also taking antidepressant medication where the side effect is weight gain. Due to my weakness and weight I am no longer able to walk any type of distance without major back pain. I am unable to get a job and other than me having foodstamps my best friend has been supporting me for the last couple of years.It's time to stop. I'm a coward and hate pain. I don't want to hurt myself, just kill myself.Edit- optimism is nice but unrealistic. I need answers not empty responses from people whos life is working for them.
dont kill yourself! life is too precious!
don't hurt yourself. or kill yourself. it's the same thing.if you kill yourself , you'll end up hurting everyone who loves you, and maybe it doesn't seem like a lot of people like you or something right now, trust me. i'd bet 208423098 dollars that atleast 200 people care about you and love you to death. so don't commit suicide.i want you to go look in the mirror like right now, & say to yourself:"I am strong. I could have it worse. I will get better."trust me, it works.(:
I know not many people will understand what you are going through, but like the other guy said life is worth so much more than death.. If i were you id make peace with the people around me, spend time with your family and enjoy it. And coming from a christian, look up to god which is one of the most important things of all..

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