The size of my penis makes me want to commit please?

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The size of my penis makes me want to commit please?
Ok so I'm a 16 year old boy (about to turn 17 in July) and I lost my right testicle when I was 15 due to testicular torsion. It was caused by a trauma when I was 11 years wreck. I was really depressed after the car wreck because I broke my leg, arm, and damaged my spleen (everythings ok now..I'm normal, nothing had to be amputated) and I had a bunch of scars on my face...later on it turned out I had major depressive disorder. I hate my life and I just want to be dead, but I haven't commit suicide yet because I know people care for me. So everything was fine until I got into the locker room when we change I'm the smallest one in there (2in soft) everyone is like 3.5in soft. I even hear them comparing sizes when they get erect and almost everyone says they're like 6in erect. I'm 4.5in erect and it just makes depression worst. I'm sexually active (I'm guessing its hormones) and I'm never going to have sex (Even thought I want to so bad) because of my size. I think I'm done growing and I think life is pointless at this moment. I feel like no one will like me :( I just want to commit suicide right now because I'm so small...I think its because of the testosterone level since I only have one testicle. Can I somehow grow my penis? I'm even up for surgery :( I would do anything to get at least 2 inches more. I don't want to do any of those dangerous exercises...In your opinion...what should I do? if you're bigger than 4.5in erect..then just pretend that you're 4.5inches... what would you do if I you were in my place? Thanks in advance.
DONT KILL YOURSELF :/there is some one out there for everyone!there are male enhancement pills if you really think you need them!
Honestly, some of the best sex I've had is with guys with a smaller than average penis. If the penis is too big, than it really hurts and burns with every thrust. Also, its not about size, its about the motion. You should consider yourself lucky with the size you have =D It's nothing to kill yourself over.
Dude your not done. I hear it keeps growing until you're about 20. And they're weird for even comparing. You're fine, just wait a little while.
Don't Kill Ur Self!! I Wouldn't Not Have Sex With A Guy If I Really Liked Him Just Cuz His Penis Is Small!!! Ur Fine Don't Get Depressed!! Just Get Some Enhancement Pills!!
killing yourself isn't the answer. your testicle doesn't affect testosterone it only affects sperm. they shouldn't be 3.5 flaccid that is pretty large for flaccid. and 6 inches is average, but it doesn't sound like your done growing. sex is not how large you are its how you use your member. don't worry about it, you will find a girl, and since its 4.5 and your not done with puberty it will probably be bigger than 6 when fully grown... give it time, i was the same way now im 18 have a 6 incher and its still growing. suicide is never the way out man.
Most girls really don't care about penis size at all, unless it's so big that it hurts. This is really nothing to stay abstinent or kill yourself over!
I have always heard that one testicle produces enough testosterone, but you would have to ask your dr for certain. I would think the dr that did your surgery has probably dealt with lots of questions and would be sensitive to the fact you are a teenager, and would be very willingly to address your concerns.However, testosterone is not a factor in penis size. They have tried giving different hormones to adolescents, and they may cause quicker development in puberty but have no effect on penis size. Your penis size is determined primarily by your DNA, and to a lesser extent by exposure to certain hormones during the first few weeks of fetal development.Also, soft size has no correlation to erect size. So the guys in the locker room may not be any longer than you erect even though they are soft. It's possible some of the guys are 6 inches, but nowwhere near all of them.Average length, when true sample groups are measured by medical professionals, is 5 to 5 1/2 inches. 65% of guys are within that range. All but a small percentage are within an inch of that. So you are among the 30%+ who are slightly smaller or larger than average.So, most of those guys are exagerrating if they all say they are 6 inches.At any rate, you are only a half inch below average. At your age, you probably are done growing. The penis only grows for about 18 months once it starts (you would have to ask your dr if that's going to be different for you due to less testosterone, if in deed you do have less). Unless you started puberty very late, you are correct in thinking that you are about as long as you are going to get.You also have plenty of penis to satisfy a woman. All of a woman's sexually sensitive areas are near the opening of her vagina - just outside and just inside. All but a very few women don't care about size. If she loves you, she will love your penis and your one testicle. That's just how females are about attraction. Fortunately, for us, they're near as into looks and other superficial things as we are.
Hey please don't kill yourself it does not matter what size you are their are girls out their who like them a little small because its less painfully for them but if you really want help i tell you what i do that i have done since i was 8 i just play with it allot i noticed a big difference .so try that and see if you notice anything and if not please man there are people who care about you please don't end your life just because of your size that's silly just be proud of who you are :)
You are pretty young you still might grow. But even if you don't grow you are fine in size. Woman are do not put as much emphasis on size as guys think. We really don't care that much. And we especially don't care as much as guys seem to care when it comes to size. And sex is about more than just one part of the body. A man that really knows how to please a woman uses many parts of himself. So as long as you want to please a woman, the size of your equipment is of less of an importance.I dated a guy with one testicle. Don't think for a second that a woman cares about that either. Because we don't. He was very masculine. Very much a man. I am sure you are going to find a girl very soon that will like you just as you are. And she is going to love every part of you.


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