why do i feel empty inside?

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why do i feel empty inside?
Whenever im alone i sit there in my room with a empty throbing pit in my stomach.. Just feeling like im waiting for my life to start when it obsivously already has. I feel the second im not busy. I'm in college and I I'm feel like I am in a slump because my close friends are distancing away because one group is more into drugs and another is getting super catty and clicky and I just feel so lonely. I try to stay busy 24/7 just so I don't feel this empty pit. I get this feeling all the time and i cry for no reason alot. I don't know what's wrong.. is it a slump with life or I am on Celexa ( have been since this summer) which could be my medication.. I don't know what to do anymore I just want to be happy again
get involved into some sports are play at your school.go and do some voluntary work to occupier your time.get on face book to play some games.
If you're an extrovert, spend time with ppl. Life is short, don't let it slip away!
I turned to God!! I used to be like you!! But after having God in my heart I felt as if I was whole agian!!:)
i dunno how old you are....but my teenage life is filled with such feeling.....i feel empty and heavy at the same time.......a lot of people say that its because of the changes that take place in body. i try so sit in my room and think over everything in my room...i write down everything i feel and force myself to eliminate negative thinking in my life.
Your not alone its just that you are used to being around peoPle and when those people are not available you feel lonel like you have no real friends. Your a social person, help other and volunteer it works. But u will always get that felling when your by yourself
It sounds like you have depression. Don't freak out, go to a doctor and talk to someone about it! I had this problem last year, but I got over it.... by myself.... it's strange I didn't even talk to anyone baout it, I just sort of moved on from the reason why I was depressed. Finding out why always helps to find out how!
maybe adjust the celexa dose, sometimes it never works at any doserelax the muscles and breathe deep and slow to relax
I agree with Ashley! ......Turn to Jesus! Only Jesus will be there for you. Ask him into your heart and have him forgive you. You are never alone! God is always there for you when ever you need him.

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