Cymbalta - Anger, no sex drive?

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Cymbalta - Anger, no sex drive?
I have been on 30mg for about 3 weeks now. Just recently I started feeling super angry and irritable. On top of that I have no sex drive, and when I do have sex I can't even feel it anymore it seems like. Is this a passing side effect or should I see my doctor about getting off it? I haven't been on an anti depressant until now for about 2 years now. I've been on effexor, zoloft, paxil, prozac, and celexa previously. Celexa worked for about 3 years then stopped. I would rather not be on any medication, but have seasonal depression and probably should stay on something for a bit longer. Any advice is helpful.
Try Wellbutrin, ask the Dr. if it's ok to switch you to that. It will make you super horny, make you loose weight and can even help you quit smoking.
I say just talk to your doctor, 30mg is a pretty low dose but those are some side effects that are pretty common with Cymbalta. Although you've been quite a lot of anti-depressants already, maybe you just need a change in dose or a entirely new medication. Talk to your doctor and they'll know what's best, sometimes it's just trial and error.
I got anger problems from a wide variety of medications. I got mania from antidepressants, and anger problems from benzos, sleeping pills, and antipsychotics. After 15 years of hell on various bipolar meds, it turned out that my most serious problem was actually caused by the meds - extreme agitation, maybe a kind of akathisia, that made me want to literally claw my face off or cut my chest open with a knife. I also had cognitive problems from a wide variety of meds, and 4 or 5 months after giving up on meds finally, my husband says I am noticeably sharper again.All SSRI and SSNI medications commonly cause sexual dysfunction. Don't let someone tell you it is the depression that is the problem - that numbing and anorgasmia do not occur naturally as a physical or mental disorder, it is always or virtually always caused by medications. the problem has a 5% chance of gettting somewhat better with very long term use. Adding viagra, adderall or wellbutrin did nothing for me, absolutely nothing, timing the dose was useless, and most meds you cannot take a drug holiday. so if you want your sex life back, you need to stop the drugs. For some people, the effect is permanent, there are many anecdotal stories about that. given that anorgasmia and numbness do not occur except as a med side effect, makes it pretty clear that the harm was caused by the antidepressants turns out antidepressants are acting thru placebe effect anyhow - google irving kirsch antidepressants and John Ioannidis antidepressants. Placebo is powerful - it was discovered because a military nurse ran out of morphine, and injected saline solution into a wounded soldier, telling him it was morphine, and he got a lot of pain relief. So don't think it is an insult to you that these drugs may have not really been working. those two researchers have sterling reputations especially ioannidis, who is a superstar biostatistician math whiz.I find using a light box helps, and there is a bunch of info on light boxes and dawn simulators at It's a site for bipolar, but there is much there about light and depression, so it should be very helpful. I tried putting a lamp on a timer this past winter, and it did seem to help while I kept it up. I might go ahead and spend the $100 on a dawn simulator next year. i am so cheap. anyway, I do have a light box, which is a metal halide greenhouse light that I put a UV filter on, and it does help while I am using it, and an hour afterwards or so. the sunray is a good lightbox. My brother has been using blue lights (LED xmas light strings) and he looked up the LED's and they are the right wavelength if you want to try cheap blue light therapy and see if it works for you.we both tried vitamin D supplements, about 1000-2000 IU a day, and he thinks it helped, and I dunno. I got off my pills a year ago and that helped so much, it is hard for me to know if the vitamin D is doing anything. people in the northland are short of vitamin D in winter anyway, and a light box does not emit the right wavelength of UV to stimulate vitamin D production, so you may as well try it.I will readily admit, I have had zero luck with meds, after 15 years of hell trying, and ECT, and I am so very sorry i ever took any meds. But the antidepressants working no better than placebo is gaining widespread acceptance pretty quickly, although still controversial. You have to know that a bunch of groups get all their funding from drug companies, such as NAMI gets 2/3 of their money from drug companies. so they give very biased info and minimize the problems of side effects.all the best to you.
Thats something to talk to ur dr about.


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