How many advil pm should i take to kill myself?

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How many advil pm should i take to kill myself?
So im disgusted with life and cant go on anymore. My boyfriend of 4 years left me for a woman we both work with. I have been living in his house for 7 months now since he moved out and in with her. Hes kicking me out in two weeks when her lease is up. I miss him so much it hurts I will never get over it I cry every day. I find joy in nothing and am even on antidepressants. Im completely hopeless. I refuse to move out and let his whore move in my place and win so I want them both to find me dead. That is something they will never forget. It will hurt them. The only thing im honestly going to miss is my dog. I hope my ex takes good care of him. It was his dog too before he abandoned us both. I am very attractive and i dont understamd why I cant find a good man. Im so lonely and ive dated loser after loser. I am a magnet for losers. So how many pills should permanently put me out? I dont want to wake up.
You should not be taking that, you need help.
Umm down the whole bottle or...... Istead get DXM and you'll feel better in your own world I do all the time when I feel like you do now
You have no guarantee he will look after the dog. Find a good home for the dog first. Advil is not a good idea because if you overdose it will wreck your liver but that could take months to kill you. Killing yourself because of some guy is dumb and won't hurt him one little bit. You do have to move out but you can leave fish down his heating vents.
Killing yourself to punish them is absolutely not the answer. Please go back to your doctor and tell them how you feel. If you really are suicidal right now, go to the emergency room.
Don't be disgusted by your life, be disgusted by your pig of a boyfriend. Get dressed up & find a BETTER stronger boyfriend than that piece of trash. Imagine how your family is gunna feel when they get a call saying you committed suicide. What if they go into a depression & blame themselves for your suicide? Please don't do it, your way better than that & you were too good for him anyway
You are going to kill yourselves over a guy? Don't do it. There is better guys out there that is better than your ex- boyfriend. This is life, there will be sad, hard moments, but if you keep on living, there will be joyful, loving moments. Why don't you visit a family member or friend? Take your mind off of him. Tell your family member or closest friend how you feel, and they will help you. Do an activity, DO SOMETHING!!! Killing yourself is not the answer. There will be better people. Be positive. Since you were born, there is a purpose for you. If you are going to miss your dog than don't kill yourself. Imagine how your dog is going to feel. Dogs has feelings too. Imagine how people will miss you! Do something, IMMEDIATELY!

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