Prozac or cymbalta better?

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Prozac or cymbalta better?
Which is better Prozac or cymbalta.I was put on Prozac 40 mg for depression but I noticed being on it I felt more depressed and kept crying.So she told em to add cymbalta with Prozac . I notice with cymbalta i always feel really tired.In your opinion which one is better? Is it even safe to take these two together?
I don't know about cymbalta but when I suffered from severe depression, I was on prozac (as well as every other medication) and it didn't help. The only medication that helped me was called parnate, an MAO inhibitor. These drugs are much more powerful and can work wonders, but you have to watch your diet when you are on them or you can have a dangerous interaction. If your depression is severe and if you don't respond to other meds, I suggest bringing up MAO inhibitors with your doctor.
I took them together and it worked better than the prozac alone. Everyone has different reactions to these drugs, and you can react differently at different times in your disease. The problem is it takes a long time to find out if they work, so it also takes a long time to find out they don't work.
They're safe to take together. The reason why there are so many different types of antidepressants, though, is that reactions to them are very idiosyncratic and there's no way to tell what will work for you until you try it. You probably should try exercising. It helps just as much as antidepressants. If a given antidepressant isn't helping you, you should see about trying something else. The difference between prozac and cymbalta is that Prozac works on one neurotransmitter--Serotonin. Cymbalta works on two--Serotonin and norepinephrine. Are you seeing a psychiatrist to get these recommendations? They are the best for this. A general doc just doesn't know as much.
Neither. The side effects and permanent life long ones like Sexual Dysfunction, Autism in kids, Birth defects, etc aren't worth it. Move to a state with legal medical marijuana, at least that actually works. Don't trust Big Phama or even your PHD.

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