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im 21, very logical and have been doing research on how the govt. is putting fluoride in our tap water; fluoride is what they put in Prozac.. a drug.. and many researches say that fluoride reduces your IQ and is also used in rat poison.. many credible sites have said that.. and sure enough, in recent years ever since i went to college and started drinking tap water all the time in the cafeteria.. i slowly started to lose my memory a little.. and now its tough to remember what i did two days ago at times! what do i do to drink Pure Water??
Get together with your fellow logical brothers and sisters and destroy this government fiend! With all your combined knowledge and intelligence, nothing can stop you!
Move to Antarctica. It's the only continent without a government. And you'd be surrounded by some of the purest fresh water on the planet. Just make sure to bring a sweater.
relax ffs ! so fcking what what is going on in the world. 1 person cant change the world, just enjoy YOUR life after all we are always going to be alone in this world ! every1 always doing things for there own best interest ! and im sure you wont loose your memory you are just being paro !!
isn't interesting that Fluoride was used in Nazi germany to make prisoners docile, yet they use pseudo science to support an argument that ingesting this poison promotes healthy teeth and bones, but the real science says it's only beneficial when Directly applied to teeth, not ingested, and too much directly applied to teeth can actually do more harm, it's all about money, it's win win for governments, it sickens populations and keeps people docile so they can't think straight, it creates money making opportunities for a government regulated industry to promote medicine, it's funny, but do you know doctors were curing cancer as early as the late 1920's ? Dr. Max Gerson, Harry Hoxey and others were doing it outside of the bankers control, and they were chased out of this country, google Dr. Stanislaw Brazinski, he a cancer institute in texas and has nearly beat FDA and AMA at their own game, and he is curing people in stage 4 cancer....yet, the government still is trying to shut him down, the reason they have not succeeded, his patients are too willing to testify before congress, and that is too much unwanted attention drawn to the FDA illegal behavior.
Move out to the country! Laws and government control are always worse in the big cities (although they still exist in the country, to a lesser extent). Well water tastes great, and God, not the government, decides what goes into it. If you don't have that option, try looking for a faucet filter that filters out sodium fluoride. By the way, I have absolutely no idea why you would think that Prozac contains "fluoride". The active and inactive ingredients of Prozac are given in the first reference. The second reference shows the chemical structure of fluoxetine. Just because it has fluorine atoms on it does not make it the same as "fluoride", which is actually sodium fluoride, a near cousin to table salt. Now, I'm not saying that it is perfectly harmless... the third reference indicates that large concentrations could prove dangerous. But don't just say that something is dangerous because it is used in Prozac without actually checking it out.
You could boil water so it produces steam & then condenses, this runs off as pure water, refrigerate it for better preservation & later use. ...Just about all water that people drink however has a trace mineral content.
gah,,,,i hate the government..but a way to avoid it..dont be a vegetarian..that will get THEM to be able to brainwash you easly

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