¡What is the best way to kill yourself without no pain?

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¡What is the best way to kill yourself without no pain?
WAIT: You don´t have to read the whole thing. This is just if you want to know my reasons. Just answer my question if you don´t want to read it all. My life is miserable. My mother mistreats me and belittles me all the time. She calls me names like useless and worthless and says things like ¨why did I have to have a daughter?¨and it really hurts to listen to your own mother saying those things to you. Thanks to her I have no confidence in myself and no self-esteem. All she has given me for the past 13 years is severe depression and stress. My younger sibling in the king of the house. He gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants and without having to ask for it. He can talk to me in whatever tone he wants and call me names like B*tch or mother f*cker, and I can´t do anything about it, because if I do, my mom hits me or punishes me for no reason. One day he called both of my parents b*tches and all they did was to laugh and clap and talk about how smart he is. I get slap in face from my mom for no reason, just because she is angry for something, if I say something for her she´ll eat me with her words and/or slap me. Today I got punished for something I didn´t even do. It was my brother who did it and they knew it but still they punished me for something HE did. I know that I need therapy for my problems but my parents are too ignorant and they don´t believe in what depression is. They say that people who say they are depressive are just cry babies who can´t deal with their crappy lives. And that psychologists are just thief´s who only want your money and that it´s for cowards to go to one. I can´t get help from anyone I know for the following reasons: -I can´t get help from any of my teachers because they will end up telling my parents. I have already talked to them about this problem of mine, but they don´t believe me. So them telling my parents all that happens to me at my house is just gonna make things worse. -I can´t go to the school´s counselor because there is no such thing where I live. -I can´t go get help myself because I´m a minor and don´t have money and my aunt works in the only place where I can get help, so she´ll end up telling my parents and make thing worse. -I can´t get help from a friend because I am only surrounded by 9 and 10 year-old kids who don´t know what depression is. (If they don´t know what Youtube is they cannot know about depression.) So now you know my reasons. I think they are enough to want to end with my life for once and for all. I have tried to kill myself before, but pill only gave me a belly-ache and stabbing or cutting your veins must be really pain fulll. I want something pain-less and fast. Something that will kick me out of this world instantly without much pain... PS: Please don´t tell me that if I kill myself I´ll go to hell because I´m already in hell. I don´t think it can be much worse than this, or that God loves me bevause no he does not. He clearly doesn´t. I go to church since I was born and I sing in the chorus of my church and I go to church every sunday and I put all my heart and soul into my prayers but nothing works. I don´t know if there´s a God anymore, I am not really sure, but if there is, he obiously forgot about me. So why keep living? I know my future will be hell and I don´t want to be alive to experience it. Btw: I´m 13 years old and I live in the Dominican Republic. Where there is no law that can prevent parents from slapping you. They can kill you if they want and go to jail but only for a day or two and they are set free like nothing happened. PS: You don´t have to read the whole thing. This is just if you want to know my reasons. Just answer my question if you don´t want to read it all.
Would you like to chat or something? I can assist you with this situation. Don't let the misfortunes of life take hold of you and distort your reasoning. Trust me.
Please please go see a psychiatrist. A doctor could provide you will SO much help. No matter what you've been through in your short years, things can always get better, life is what you make it! As you get older you can be in charge of the way your life goes! You are so young and you will see life completely differently as you grow up, look back on this time, and you'll think wtf was i thinking. Life should be fun...you deserve to live! Tell an adult you can trust, such as school counselor or therapist, about your mom and dad! You should not have to put up with abuse. Verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. Tell someone, no one deserves that. JUST TELL!! And your future will not be hell, you can get out of that house and go to college and meet caring people who will treat you with the respect and love you deserve. You can go far away when you are older.
ughhh. herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svdHWezk9Os, it helps understand
The best way to kill yourself without pain? there is none. but the best way to live without pain is just be numb. don't let anything bother you and don't care anymore. it will help i promise
If there were a common, painless way of death I'm sure that the suicide rate would be 100x higher than it is... Lemme just tell ya that I am almost 30 and have never had a girlfriend. When I was a kid, if I got beat up at school and came home, my own mom would make fun of me... I go out and get confronted randomly by violent, hateful individuals here in America, nowadays. We are all going through, have gone through, and will go through tough times... Endurance is what is called for in all of our cases... Good luck.
You can always talk to me. I truly know what it's like to live with depression. It sucks and it hurts. I'm right here if you want to talk. And put some logic into your mind. If there was a god would he be putting you through this? No. And the better part is I don't believe in god or the devil, so I'm home free from religion.
Smoke some weed, and let the world go round and rounnnnnnnd
Im 15 now and went through depression when I was 13...Suicide and thinking about if I died would the after life be nice is what i would think about. Suicide is an option...however in anycase it is not the right option... What did I do to get myself out of depression I thought to myself "I WILL BE BETTER THEN MY PARENTS and show them that I am strong!" Sometimes you just got to say Fuck You! to whatever pisses you off the most. Another thing that I realized while going through this is that suicide is not a solution because all you do is hurt others around you. Just remember you only got one shot in your life....don't waste it. Life gets better trust me...
There is never ever a good reason to kill yourself. I know you may want to, but it is never a good reason. And God is here. I promise. I went through the same thing with my mother all the way till I was 20. We fought constantly, I got hit all the time, she would break down every door I had, would pull my hair, insult me, and call me names. And I did want to kill myself too. But there were other people out there that loved me, and I had my whole life ahead of me. If you want to talk to someone, I am here, but don't do anything that you can't take back or may regret. Killing yourself is not a good way out. I know how badly you want to do that, but just don't. And there isn't a painless way... anything you do is going to be painful. You may email me if you want... caroline.herrington@yahoo.com. And I would be more than happy to talk you through your issues. I have been through all of it before and know exactly what you are going through, and there weren't many people around to help me through it.
Do not end your. Life try to move in with people u do get along with and live life the best u can and don't let your mom get u down don't let her control he u feel emotional
If you can, get hold and read the book "A Child Called It" by Dave Pelzer, or go www.davepelzer.com Read his story and how he survived child abuse, maybe you will get motivation to do the same.
Things will get better; find a nice boy; move out ASAP, and don't treat your kids like that. One suggestion is to write a letter, expressing how it has affected your life, and what you would like to see happen about it now, then either post it, unaddressed, or have a ceremony, and burn it safely, in a metal container, and flush the ashes down the toilet, symbolically ending the matter. Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which communication with your subconscious mind is facilitated. 85% of people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could preferably seek professional hypnotherapy. If not an option, hypnosisdownloads has ones on overcoming a troubled childhood & escape emotional abuse, and/or asktheinternettherapist.com has one on re-parenting your inner child, and/or instant-hypnosis.com has one on dealing with child abuse. Use only 1, or 2 at a time. If the above proves insufficient, I suggest that you seek psychotherapy, and a course of EMDR therapy, (* http://your-mental-health.weebly.com/q.html - see page D about suicidal thoughts, pages 1, & B on depression, & page 2 for teen resources; try the free therapy & Try http://therapy247.com & http://www.feelbetternetwork.com (free counselling, but not in real time). Join, free, at http://www.womenspsychotherapy.com and post in the forum, and an experienced psychotherapist will respond.) would probably reduce the negative emotions associated with your memories of abuse to more acceptable levels - the EMDR to reduce the negative, combined with the other techniques shown may be all you need, enabling you to avoid psychotherapy (open ended; can take years, cost a small fortune, and achieve little, depending on the therapist, and client). Try the relaxation methods at http://www.drcoxconsulting.com/managing-stress or http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/mindbody/a/Meditation.htm or www.wikihow.com/Meditate and/or Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or yoga. Also page L at this site*, where there are several to choose from. Some people are still dismissive of them, but scientific testing has demonstrated conclusively that they increase activity in the left prefrontal cortex, when practised regularly, and will enable you to find a way of being; awareness, without suffering, when you need it, and is a valuable tool for helping you through the worst parts of life. Give the acupressure EFT a good tryout, to see if it helps you. It is free via the searchbar at ** www.mercola.com "EFT" & "EFT therapists", or www.tapping.com (13 free videos) or, if still available, the free video for PTSD at www.emofree.com Professional EFT is always preferable. - There is a version for use in public places**, (you could claim to have a headache, as you employ the acupressure massage/tapping your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: saying it to yourself in your mind: "Even though I suffer the aftereffects of child abuse, I deeply and completely accept myself." ABUSE: See http://www.drdrew.com/ on abuse & http://www.burstingthebubble.com/ & http://www.reachout.com.au/home.asp At the end of therapy, discuss the importance of (sincere) forgiveness; to not do so is to hold onto the hurt, but you may not be ready for this step for some time. Read: Courage to Heal by Paul Bernstein, & From Surviving to Thriving: A Therapist's Guide to Stage II Recovery for Survivors of Childhood Abuse by Mary Bratton, & Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse by Ann McMurray and Gregory Jantz, Ph.D., & Choosing Forgiveness: Your Journey to Freedom by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, & The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness by Paul Ferrini and Pia Mackenzie, & Forgiveness: How to Make Peace With Your Past and Get on With Your Life by Sidney B. Simon and Suzanne Simon, & "Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve” by Lewis B. Smedes. Get through your fear of forgiveness, from your bookstore, or amazon.com. Also: It's Never Too Late to Be Happy!: Reparenting Yourself for Happiness (The Best Half of Life) by Muriel James.
try to avoid your parents as much as possible. dont talk to them or your brother. if you ignore them, then they wont have a reason to say anything to you. try to stay out of the house as much as possible. swim, run, play with friends, just do anything to avoid them. killing yourself is not the answer. just try harder to be happy. if your happy with true friends to surround you, all the pain will dissolve away. just stay away from your parents, make friends, and try to live life outside of your house. live your life too the fullest; your still young, you dont want to kill yourself! u still have your whole life ahead of you! if you keep beleiving, god will eventually answer your prayers. trust me, just keep beleiving and live your life to the fullest. good luck, i hope everytihng gets better for you ):
Please don't kill yourself! Please, please! I found something that could help. I think you're parents are abusing you and you CAN do something about it. Look at this: http://www.unicef.org/republicadominicana/english/protection_12442.htm It's in the Dominican Republic. Maybe they could get you away from your parents. At least they do have something against child abusive where you live. I know you probably think that killing yourself is the best thing but please don't do that. It is not the best thing. I know you think it can end your pain but how can you end your pain if you are dead? Your parents and brother do seem horrible. I'm so sorry. But it won't be like that forever. Someday you'll be an adult and you can move away from them! You can get out of there and live freely. You can get a good job, go to school and have a new life. It is not the end. I really don't want anything to happen to you. I know you don't know me and I don't know you but I don't want anybody to ever kill themselves. You can always find support and love over the internet. Obviously you have internet access so that's one thing. See, you already have contact to the outside world! You can make friends in school by joining a club or sport. Maybe by doing more things at school and staying after, you can get away from your parents more. Also if they are hurting you ever, it's okay to lock yourself in your room or something until they calm down. Call your aunt and tell her what's going on. I know that may seem like it could make things worse but at least she may be able to help you. It's worth a shot I think. Also please read this: http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/ At least do it before you decide to kill yourself. It really could help. I mean, it only takes like 10 minutes to read. Even if you are focused on killing yourself, what will 10 more minutes of waiting to do it matter? Also I could help you maybe. I'm 14 years old so maybe I could relate to things you are going through. Here is my email: WildWolf552@yahoo.com Email me anytime. If you ever need a friend or someone to care, I would be happy to help. :) Please don't kill yourself though. I know life is bad for you and I'm so sorry. I promise someday it will get better after you can get away from your family. Just please don't kill yourself. :(
Please dont kill yourself! There is a God, he just wants you to live life without him interfering. You will not go to hell if you have committed sins, you just have to truly be sorry for the lord to forgive. But if you kill yourself then you will probably go to hell because murder is a sin that will send you to hell, it doesn't matter if you kill someone else or yourself...murder is murder. Try not to care about the things that happen. You should go to the doctors and get depression pills, depression is your problem and it will help..trust me! But since it seems like your mom doesn't care about you (no offense but i dont like your mom and I think she is a b*tch and she will DEFINITELY go to hell) the you should call social services or tell one of your friends moms, or any adult you know. Who cares if you are around 10 year olds... at least you'll be out of that HELL HOLE!
you cant kill yourself with out pain. why . its simple there is a place called hell. its very painful there. you can absolutely walk up to the nearest police station or church or doctor or lawyer all of them are bound by law to make certain you get help from people that know what to do. your teachers are also covered under the same law. however i suggest tomorrow you call the police or anyone of the others that i mentioned . you may also find numbers in the front of the phone book that are for kids in your kind of horrible life. your parents are nuts evil bad mean. you are tough strong wise and good . many people i think would have killed the lot of them while they slept. you have not done that and that shows your a good wise person . you can get to a place where you will have a far better childhood and then marry and raise your children the right way . i think you will make a great mom and grandmother. you also will if you want make a great helper for many others . take the steps i have laid out and get on the track that will take you to the happy much more normal life. no child should feel the need to kill themselves and no child should be getting the treatment you are. really your wonderful. a saint like person for putting up with this stuff. well don't put up with it one more day talk to the people i mentioned and make certain you make it clear your not going back to the horror of a life you have now
dont kill your self, that is not the way to go. i promise you everything is going to get better. with your parents all you have to do is stay out of there way.when its nesscary go and talk to them. always smile and say hi to them and say thank you. brothers can be fuckkking mean i know trust me. but i swear killing your self is not the way to go i promise. you're only 13, you have you're whole life. and teenaged years are always worst, but by the years its going to get better. i bet you are beautiful in every way, and i wouldnt want someone beautiful to waist there lives away. parents are jokes, you can out smart them. i out smart my parents every day and there so strict and mean. stay strong. you're beautiful. people out there care. i care for you. even if i dont know you, no one deserves to die <3
Hmm.. Well I suppose anything with chemicals would be the most painless for you. You could do something like make mustard gas and lock yourself in a closet with it and just blow with a straw into it until you passout and you SHOULDN'T wake up ever again but it could depend sometimes.. I believe you could always just drink bleach though and you should die relatetively quickly and painlessly. Although we both know you aren't going to commit suicide, worst case scenario you might try and then chicken out. But do what you wish, use google to find out how to make mustard gas or just hang in there for a few more years and things should turn around.
You know for some reason i'm seeing hundreds of posts that most ages from 12-16 years old including me are always depressed and having issues, now idk but is there some pattern going on with this area of age...


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