How deep do you have to cut your wrist to die?

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How deep do you have to cut your wrist to die?
To be honest, I'm just done with life. I've been on antidepressants, had therapy for years, I've tried everything. I know many people have a much harder life than me, and I get that. Don't tell me I'm being selfish or attention seeking, because for so long I would rather have all the pain locked up inside me than inflict it on my family and friends. But now I know I'm just causing more trouble by being alive than if I were to die. So my question is, how deep do you have to cut your wrist to die? How long will it take?
Please don't,..
dont slit your wrsit. I've been there girl, ive been molested, abused, and bullied all my life and id engrave FML in my wrist since 4th grade to 8th grade with a blade. It hurts. Overdose is the fastest painless way. But before you do tht, think about all the people who will miss you, your friends, family, pets, everyone. You're important. You're beautiful. Here is a link to talk about how you feel... Please realize how important you are before commiting suicide... <3 AND WATCH THIS <3
Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie! please stop! I have felt like you way more times than I care to admit, but I promise that no matter how bad life seems, hope is always right around the corner! God created you beautifully with a purpose and plan for your life, and Jesus loves you so much that He died to save you! The King of the Universe died to save you! That makes you pretty special and loved, don't you think? John 3:16 To be saved, just ask God's forgiveness for your sins and believe that Jesus' death on the cross is the only way to obtain eternal life:) email me anytime! I'd love to talk with you:) Jesus is always carrying you through life in His arms!
Bottling the pain and anguish up is exactly what has got you to the point which you have now reached. You have been suffering depression for several years and been through therapy. But the pain which you are going through now is only a fraction of the pain which you would cause to your loved ones if you went ahead with your plan. They would be left constantly wondering why they did not spot the signs and do something to prevent this from happening. they would live with that pain and guilt for the rest of their lives. If you are UK based, call 085457 909090 or e:mail and leave contact details and a copy of your question. Elsewhere, Google to find a crisis centre near to where your live or just tap in help for people with suicidal thoughts. You have beautiful eyes (if the 2 match) and the intelligence is obvious. So you know how wrong what you are thinking is. Counselling should help, as long as you are totally honest with the counsellor. you are going through a bad patch and feel at a very low ebb - but it will change. Take care, get some meaningful sleep and things will seem different tomorrow. Take care x
You say you are done with life, but I don't think you are. If you truly wanted to cut so deep you bled to death, you wouldn't come on Yahoo!Answers and ask how deep you should cut - you'd just cut as deeply as you could.
I don't know why people tell depressed people to stop being depressed without giving them a good reason to or how to break the cycle. But as a life long depression sufferer I have a few tricks in my bag. I don't use them all in one day. 1.) One is to take a long hot bath. 2.) Eat whatever I want. (Regardless of how fattening) 3.) Watch my favorite movies 4.) Listen to self help audio tapes from self help gurus like: Og Mandino, Tony Robbins, etc. 5.) Call old friends and family members (who aren't ready for the Satan act alike contest or the obsessive Jesus freak) that I haven't talked to in years. 6.) Help someone here on this site by answering their questions on depression. There are a lot of us who use this site to better ourselves. And you will get a better grasp of how you got to this point. Not just how you feel. 7.) Write in my diary 8.) Write emails to friends. 9.) Go to a thrift store to find old treasures. 10.) Talk to the parent or family member that you feel closest to. Take care of yourself.
cutting your wrist is a slow way to die... you need to speed up the blood flow and hit an artery/vein. and of course you're not selfish or seeking attention if you want to cut or die... what most people don't know is that most people want to die and / or cut because they care too darn much... that they want to make everything better for the people around them... that they cut because it somehow eases the pain.. distracts them or make them feel something aside from numbness... how are they seeking attention when most of them hides the scars... when most of them hides behind closed doors or hides within a smiling face.... I'm sort of going through the same thing as you are... though...i don't think i could kill myself... not until i make everything right and perfect for everyone in my life... and even if i do get to make everything well for everyone... one sad thing can make a person forget a million happy thoughts... i don't think i could do that to my family and my so called friends... anyway ... if you need someone to talk to.. you could talk to me.. rant or something... play online games with me! or we could find you something else to do to past time . lol ^^ message me anytime you want and ill try to reply asap. ym : rui_dunhill
why do you think you've got it bad? there are alot more people than you in a far worse situation. but, how long? until you bleed out. if you are BAD enough to commit suicide, why not jump in front of a moving semi truck? if you use a weapon, use a .22 long. it moves around in the body causing more internal damage than a large caliper weapon would. they go straight through. but...if that's the dumb as* thing you want to do......cut 'along' the veins not across them. just remember, once you've done any of these, it's to late to think "what the hell am i doing"? damm that hurt!!!! boo who for you freak. you have no idea what death is, or means.


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